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The very tall man

Short story By: Tanias

Don't be be ashamed of who you are

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A very tall man was sitting on a bench. His was born tall. Nothing to do about it. And nothing he can change about his height, unless he cut his legs a little bit. But that would be to dramatic. A very tall man was very tall indeed. Little kids seemed tiny ants, no kidding, that's how tall he was. An average man should have looked up to face the tall man's eyes and that is why many people prefer not to look at him but rather look aside when having a conversation with the tall man. Unfortunately for him, it was a part of his every day life - talking to many people of different heights. He was a tailor. He did not choose his occupation for himself, but rather it was set by family tradition. His grand grand father of a standard height was a tailor, and then his grand father of a standard height was a tailor too. He never new his father. Probably he was a very tall man too. And when his mother passed away, his grand father took care of the very tall man. Ever since the very tall man spent all his time at atelier watching his grand father taking measures and sewing for different men and sometimes even women. Of a standard height mostly. The very tall man was the very tall kid as well. Some customers at the atelier when saw him wondered: "what a tall boy here! How can you take a bus being so tall?". Some said: "poor thing...he's way too tall". But his grand father always told the very tall man never listen to what others say or think. In fact, people do not think that is why it is absolutely useless to care much of what they are saying. That is how the very tall man grew up. And when his grand father passed away and the very tall man was all by himself, he just kept doing what he was prepared to do till the rest of his life. He started taking measures and sewing. He had a very good sense of fashion and could always advise what would suit better for one or another man, and sometimes women too. And customers loved him. They came every day, and they did come back very often to get another suit. He never thought of what he really wanted to do in his life. He was too tall. And he knew that. Too tall to do office work as he could barely fit in the elevator. Too tall to do any other kind of work because public transport was a pain for him and quite often people and especially kids acted strange when saw him. Whispered how tall he was, sometimes shouted out loud. So he preferred to stay at his atelier where on the second floor he has got his spacious apartment or better to say with such ceiling that he could even jump there. He felt calm and happy at his place. Well happy to the point that a very tall man could. He was too calm maybe. Just doing the same thing every day, never wondered what else could he do or where else could he go. Only because he met new people every day he stayed at the atelier and stayed calm.


As the time was passing and the city where the very tall man lived was growing, the atelier became less popular. It was hard to get there and new shops and downtown ateliers took over. Less people came to the atelier day by day. And the tall man started to feel lonely. He barely got out of the atelier, even to have a little walk. Instead he explored new fabrics, he mixed them up. He was drawing too. And pretty well. He was developing some weird designs for men suits, and sometimes women too. But he needed to go outside from time to time to to see what others were selling. Styles and fabrics, so he could do better and the customers would return to his atelier. He never seemed to care about anything else except for his atelier. And the older he grew the better tailor he became.

As people were amazed how good he was, new customers started coming again. And even two times more than ever before. He was busy. And calm as always. And people never cared how tall he was. One Monday morning he got a very interesting customer at his atelier. She was a beautiful woman with green eyes. She came very early, but the very tall man never slept much and was always up before rosters. She wanted a suit. A jacket and pants. But she wanted his most original and unusual design ever. When he looked at her eyes he already knew what kind of suit he will sew for her. They talked a lot as most original and unusual suit would take more time to sew. She was talking a lot. She was telling the very tall man of all her travels and adventures that she had encountered. And he listened to her very carefully. He could never imagine that there are some places where no matter how tall you are there are still always something or even someone taller than you. He listened carefully as he was sewing. Sometime later, when he was about to finish the suit for the beautiful woman with green eyes she told him that he should see all the places for himself. It is better to see one single time than to hear ten hundred times. And she left him with her new most original and unusual suit the very tall man ever sewed.

The very tall man was sitting on a bench and thinking that he ever barely spent any of the money he got for all the suits he sewed. He was not good at math as he never finished high school. He was too tall to bare all the jokes everyone made on him. But he could realize it that he must have some money to see the places the beautiful woman with green eyes was telling him about. And so he had made his decision. He wanted to see those places. He wanted to feel tall and free. Free from all the mocks he has heard and all the looks he has had. Free from everything and nothing at all. And so he made a decision to spend all the money he got for all the suits he sewed on this life time journey. And so he did.


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