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Crimson Tides

Short story By: Yiss

Crimson meets some one called April and Brendon his enemy ends up falling in a volcano after Crimson moves back to his former home which is a forest and Brendon had followed

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Crimson Tides

Crimson was sitting near the very top of the tall green tree swinging his skinny legs and watching people go about their day to day lives, when he heard a familiar voice beneath him. It was a man called Brendon; He's always mean to Crimson.

Brendon called up to him "get down now or else!" Brendon has brown shaggy hair and brown eyes. Crimson is slim and his hair is also a bit shaggy. "Jewless forest isn't big enough for the both of us!" Brendon continued.

Crimson gazed down at him. He looked like a little star on the ground, just then a huge dark shadow formed over top of them. It was getting darker. Crimson looked to his left as Brendon tried to climb the tree, but he kept slipping down the dark brown tree trunk. Suddenly Crimson's eyes fell on to a girl in the distance. Crimson didn't recognize her and he knew everybody else in the forest. She had brown wavy hair and golden eyes. "Hmm I've never seen her around here before" Crimson thought to himself.

The girl advanced towards them "what are you doing?" she exclaimed to Brendon when she reached them.

"Must reach branch" Brendon said in a disturbing voice.

Crimson decided to get down because he doesn't like talking to people from far away. He jumped from branch to branch in a zigzag motion all the way down.

"Names please," said the girl with her hand out toward them like she wanted something that you can actually touch.

"I'm Brendon and this freak here is somebody I don't even think you should know the name of," Brendon said getting up and putting his hand on Crimson's shoulder.

"I'm Crimson," Crimson replied moving to the side so Brendon's arm was not on his shoulder.

"Okay well, I'm April anyway" the girl responded.

"Nice name," Brendon said in a bizarre voice.

"Right well why did you dye your hair dark red, I mean that shade of red isn't natural is it?" April asked turning to Crimson.

"What? My hair's natural" Crimson answered raising his hand to his head.

"How could it be real?" April asked.

"Well now, how am I supposed to know that? Or maybe…" Crimson replied stopping in mid-sentence.

"He's a freak that's why he has red hair! See" Brendon butted in pulling at Crimson's unnaturally red hair so Crimson pushed him back to make him stop.

Randomly Brendon decided to try to push Crimson over, but Crimson swiftly moved out of the way and Brendon fell into a muddy ditch!

"I'll get you back for that!" He yelled at Crimson.

"Umm, it's getting dark I should start heading home now," April told them as she started to turn around and then she started to walk away.

"Wait! Where do you live?" Brendon yelled quickly as he got up extremely muddy.

April turned her head around to look at him then she looked down at his feet and back up to his face. "I would tell you but I don't trust you."

Then April walked away.

Crimson thought that was very funny because he burst out laughing.

"Don't you worry I will find out" Brendon thought to himself so nobody will hear him shaking his fist in front of his face.

"I bet you will," Crimson said anyway.

"Grr, how do you know what I'm thinking?" Brendon asked him in confusion but Crimson ignored him.

Brendon and Crimson decided to go home.

At home Crimson sat down on a wooden seat and started drawing something in a book while Brendon was sneaking around outside after he went home to do who knows what.

Now it's 3AM in the morning at Crimson's house! Knock! Knock! Knock! Crimson walked up to the door and when he opens the door he sees April.

"What are you doing here and how did you know where I live?!" He exclaimed his eyes widening.

"Well its crimson coloured and your name is Crimson. Hahaha just jokes. Why are you dressed I would expect you to be in bed?" April said.

"Your weird and I was expecting the doorbell to ring anyway" Crimson said calmly.

"Now don't tell me you're a mind reader. Okay that wasn't what I came here to say by the way. I was going to say that Brendon won't leave me alone and he's getting really annoying! And how did he find out where I lived anyway" April stated.

"I knew that would happen," Crimson thought out loud to himself.

"Can you do something about it please?" April asked.

"Ummm No," Crimson replied simply.

"Okay, can you go for a walk with me then seeing as though you are already dressed?" April asked him.

Crimson sighed and rolled his eyes "fine."

"I can hardly believe it but your eyes are red too and to think, I only just realized" April pointed out.

"Let's just go," Crimson said impatiently and annoyed as he pushed past her.

As they were walking beside the river Brendon was hiding behind a gigantic tree spying on them. "I'm watching you," Brendon whispered in a creepy voice.

"Don't you get the feeling somebody is watching us?" April asked Crimson.

"Yeah, Brendon is probably hiding behind that big tree." Crimson pointed to the big tree.

Brendon took out a devise. It had buttons on it with an antenna, he pushed a big olive green button then the ground shook violently.

"I thought you people don't have earthquakes here. That's the main reason why I moved here," said April in a shaky voice.

"Whoa," splash!! Crimson fell in the water.

"Crimson!" yelled April as she turned to face where Crimson was supposed to be standing.

Brendon was laughing as he came out of his, not so secret hiding place. "Hahaha, I finally killed him!"

"What? How? What did you do?!" April asked him.

"I made an earthquake with this devise," Brendon answered as he showed it to her waving it in her face so she took a step back.

"Are you sure you killed him?" she asked tauntingly.

"Well yeah, nobody can survive falling into a river like this with that big current and that," Brendon answered blankly.

"I hate you now, in fact I've always hated you," said April and then she walked away.

Days after

April was at home being bored so she decided to go for a walk. She was walking along the river bank when she saw a waterfall. She ran up to the waterfall and then saw a secret area behind it so April looked around and saw a camouflaged button. When she pushed it the waterfall suddenly split in half and moved to both sides, then she went inside and saw Crimson, he was alive!

"I can't believe it! I mean I can hardly believe it!" April said surprised.

"What took you so long, I knew you would find me eventually but it sure took a while. By the way I'm going to move to another forest with a volcano it's called blacknightmarine forest. And I know what you're going to say," Crimson said.

"Can I come," April asked.

Crimson sighed and rolled his eyes "I knew it. Okay, fine."

"How would you know that," April questioned folding her arms.

"I'm not telling you that, not yet at least," Crimson replied.

"So are we going to go now" April asked.

"Sure," Crimson answered as he walked past her and out of the cave.

Later on Crimson and April are walking along in Jewless forest and both April and Crimson saw Brendon they kept walking but when Brendon saw both of them as well he walked up to them.

"I thought I killed you," Brendon said very disappointed almost in tears.

"I was ready for that you people are so predictable," Crimson answered.

"Yeah, how did you survive the current?" April asked.

"Um there was an underground cave now I bet you didn't know that," Crimson replied.

"Really, oh well lets go now," April said then she and Crimson walked away.

"Hey you can't just walk away from me!" Brendon called out to them.

"Oh yeah just watch us," April said as they carried on their way.

Later on at blacknightmarine forest.

"Finally we're here," April said.

"I remember this place it was a very long time ago. I wonder if it's still here," Crimson said quietly to himself.

"Haa, If what's still here?" April asked.

"You wouldn't understand," Crimson said before running off.

"Hmm very strange," April decided and then followed him.

Crimson was standing near a very big crater.

"He's just standing there," April said pointing out the obvious.

Then Crimson walked back a little and the ground started to glow in a strange pattern then all of a sudden a roof started to appear and a huge building started to come out of the ground shaking the area slightly.

When the whole building appeared April realized that it wasn't just a building it was a temple.

Crimson opened the door and went inside.

April sneaked up to the temple and looked inside. The walls seemed blackened like there was a fire. April decided to follow Crimson and see what he was up to. After a few minutes she lost Crimson and then got lost herself.

"What? I was right behind him how could I lose him?" April asked herself in confusion.

"Simple I just take a short cut behind you."

April turned around "Crimson how did you do that" Crimson was leaning against the wall.

"Well I know a lot of things so I knew you were there and I just went underground then out behind you," he answered.

"Okay then do you think that volcano will erupt," April asked randomly turning to face the volcano out the window.

"No it's dormant, and you ask alot of questions" Crimson answered.

"Okay I want to go to the volcano. Can you help me get out of here first?"

Crimson rolled his crimson coloured eyes "fine this way" Crimson walked past her and she just followed.

They walked up to a door "this is the door" Crimson told her.

"Okay" April opened the door and walked outside "can you come with me to the volcano to please?" she asked.

"No," Crimson answered.

"Why not?" April asked.

"Because I was going to go there tomorrow," he answered.

"Okay, then I'll go with you tomorrow too" she said.

Crimson rolled his eyes "fine."

The next day at 6AM Crimson heard somebody knocking on the door and he was walking around the temple for no purpose at all.

"That will be April," Crimson thought to himself, he stopped then he walked up to the door and opened it. He was right.

"So are you ready to climb the volcano," she asked.

"I guess," Crimson sighed, and then he walked over to an old and burnt looking table and picked something up.

"Wow, you sure do need somebody to clean this place up," April hinted.

"No," Crimson said simply.

"I didn't even ask yet," she said.

Crimson then walked past April "now we going".

"I guess so," April sighed and then she followed Crimson.

Thirty minutes went by until they reached the volcano "you sure it's not going to erupt" April asked.

"Of course," Crimson said assuring her.

"Okay. Wait how are we are going to climb it?!" April asked.

"Hehe, umm we use the stairs," Crimson answered as he laughed and pointed to the stairs.

"Oh, I didn't see that. And stop laughing at me," April said.

"Right, let's just go," Crimson told her.

Brendon was walking in the same area. It seems he had followed Crimson and April all the way to the forest.

Brendon saw the volcano "hmm I wonder if I could push Crimson into the volcano," he thought out loud making people steer at him. "I…. I…. um…. was…. only joking," he lied as he thought on the spot of what to say to make them stop steering. When they stopped Brendon ran on his way up the stairs to follow April and Crimson.

Twenty minutes go by and Crimson and April are now half way up the stairs.

"There is so many stairs how many more," April said showing her tiredness.

"Only fifty more steps to go," Crimson said making it sound like it's not many.

"Only! Wait. How would you know that," April asked.

"Well I counted them there was a hundred in total and we are half way there," Crimson said doing the maths, not that he likes maths.

Twenty more minutes go by and April and Crimson are finally at the top.

"Oh, wow I think my legs are so tired that they are going to rip them self's off and run away," April said.

"Well make sure I'm far away from you before you do that because I don't want to see it," Crimson told her.

"Haha will do. Wow! Look at that the volcano, it is so cool" April said in amazement.

"Ya it is isn't it. Just… don't fall in," Crimson said.

"Okay, I'm going to go over there," April pointed to the curve of the volcano.

"Okay sure," he said then April started to walk away.

"Wow finally I've made it to the top. Ah Crimson it is time for me to kill you" Brendon thought menacingly to himself this time.

Brendon approached Crimson from behind and Crimson was looking around from side to side like he heard Brendon.

Brendon held his hands up ready to push Crimson. Brendon moved closer and then Crimson moved really fast a bit too fast sideways. Brendon fell forward down the volcano and Crimson lost his balance and fell backwards.

"Oh no!" April exclaimed.

April ran to the edge to see Crimson at the bottom standing up with one hand on his head and the other behind him on his back then Crimson fell to the ground on his butt and he moved hands to the front of him.

April ran down the stairs a little "I'm not bothered" April jumped to the side of the stairs and started to skid down the steep slope "this is much faster, now I just need to keep my balance."

"Crimson are you okay," April asked when she reached him at the bottom of the volcano.

"My back and head hurts but other than that I'm fine," he answered getting up of the ground.

"Okay. But Brendon followed us all the way here. Did he die when he fell down the volcano?" April questioned.

"Hmm let's see shall we," Crimson said.

"How?" she asked.

Crimson then got up and walked over to the steepest side of the volcano and to April's surprise a cave door opened up.

"What? Wow that is so cool! Does it only open when you stand in front of it?"

Crimson nodded and said "yes it does, now quit asking questions."

Crimson then walked in and April followed.

April found the inside of the volcano creepy it had lots of old stuff in it too but Crimson seemed to like it. They walked to the center where there was a big spiral staircase. They only walked a little bit down then Crimson stopped.

Crimson opened a door that was on the side of the staircase and walked through, then April went in. Brendon was in there as well he stood up of the ground as soon as he heard Crimson.

Brendon looked really angry not surprisingly though. Brendon was holding something and April walked sideways from behind Crimson to try and see what it was.

Very quickly Brendon charged at Crimson out the door and got him to the ground they were almost of the edge and Brendon was holding something over Crimson. Crimson was holding Brendon's hands because he was holding something that looked like a knife.

April was very quiet and her eyes were very wide she never thought Brendon would try and kill Crimson this way.

Crimson pushed Brendon away with his feet and quickly got up of the ground then Brendon got Crimson across the eye and the blood was dripping down his face. Crimson circled Brendon so that Brendon was closer to the edge and Crimson quickly pushed him down.

"Let's go. Now!" Crimson yelled at April.

"Um okay," April said.

They ran up the stairs and though the door.

"Why did we have to get out of there so fast?" April asked.

"Because lava is down there and it was rising," he replied.

"But you said it was dormant," April clarified.

"It is but this volcano is weird and at times it just rises and then goes back down again," he said.

"Okay, can we go home now," April said.

"Good idea and I can clean this," he said pointing to his eye.

At Crimson's temple Knock! Knock! Crimson opened the door it was April.

"So what happened here anyway? And you better tell me" she asked

Crimson sighed "fine. In one of the rooms here somebody was doing an experiment I was in my room with my two cats Oscar and Melo. The people that were experimenting dropped something carelessly that exploded and lit fires everywhere and by the time I realized and opened the door the fire had grown and I could not get out so I closed the door and went through a secret passage that was conveniently placed there. Five other people escaped and the cats of course. The five survivors separated and went somewhere else and I went to that forest."

"What happened to the cats?" April asked.

"They stayed behind and when I came back they had eight kittens," he answered then the cats and kittens came running up to them "meow" "right on cue" Crimson added a smile showing up on his face.

"Wow! That is a lot of kittens," April said in amazement "now I will help you clean up this place. No buts".

"What? You don't really need to do that," Crimson said his smile turning into a smirk.

"Hehehe cleaning time" then April handed Crimson a bucket and a cloth.


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