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Trust is a Funny thing .

By: Apo Mato

Page 1, Just words i wanted to write downn that you should read .

I don't know what to do how to feel or how to act to people who lie to my face sometimes i just smile and walk away its the best soloution in my point of view and let that guy or girl beleive thier on lie don't argue if it makes them feel better , don't let anger overload because if it does you might act in a wrong way .

Trust is a funny thing it comes and it goes but be sure who to trust , if it has to be nobody then let it be , because i don't blame you this world has went crazy we can't even trust ourselves just hold on and don't let nobody play with your feelings never be attached to a man who got nothing to give back no love ? no money ? no house ? why all that , just trust who you want to trust and that will be enough .

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