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Thank You, You Wonderful People.

By: EliseMarieRenspera

Page 1, Well, as you people know I was getting ready to quit Booksie a few days ago. I had all my documents copy/pasted into word documents, I was writing down what to say in my profile to those good people I would be leaving behind. Well, my dears, I am glad to say... I am staying. And it is because of these lovely, gorgeous, amazing people.

I have absolutely no self-confidence, either in life or in writing. I always worry about whether or not my stories could make it as big-shot successes. Most of the time, I tell myself to quit being a fool and stop dreaming.

And you all know that a few days ago I was on the brink of quitting Booksie and just giving up. Quitting my stories, leaving the characters to crumble to dust... I was ready to be done with it all. But these people saved me from making that stupid decision.


You gorgeous, amazingly sweet girl. I love you. You boosted my self-confidence in my stories... a lot. If it weren't for you... I don't think I would've stayed. There would have been no shadow of a doubt in my mind about leaving if you hadn't stepped in and refused ;) You're the first person to have ever been so sweet and kind  to me--I've begun to look up to you, as a role model. You're everything I want to be: a talented writer (and amazingly so), a skilled talker, and a lovely friend. Thank you.


Same goes for you, honeybunch. When I set my deadline, and how many comments I needed if I were to stay... you were half of those comments :) Gotta love ya for that. Thank you, love.

You are both gorgeous, amazing, precious, sweet, lovely, adorable, everything-good-I-can-think-of role models in my sight.

Again, thank you.

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