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I wrote this a couple days ago, do not think bad about me, this is something relating to someone I know and they said I could post it.

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A/n- One of my friends asked me to write about an experience she went through, she asked me to use A, B, and C as names, because she cannot remember two of them and does not want her name put out here. I tried my best to put all she described, you may leave feedback and ask questions, for she may let me answer. Please let me know what you think, this may not be the best because it is VERY tragic!

Memory At Thirteen.

There is a girl named A, whom can only remember faces. A cannot remember names, nor ages. All she can remember is the place, day, faces, and what happened on the very day her life of innocence came to a halt. On October 27th, 2007 A was almost raped, this is where B will come in. B had all off A's clothes off, and whispered into her ear, the very words she holds in her heart to this day. "You're not pretty nor skinny enough to be loved, so in return I shall love ALL of you". A tried to scream but B covered her mouth, A bit him, struggled to get free and yelled "Help me!" but no one came.

She had always looked up to him, he was her prince, she thought to herself 'But I never wanted this'. He was to strong, he over powered her. "No one will ever love you" he said, over and over again.

'How could a sleepover with C turn into this!?' A screamed in her head. She should have went with C and C's mom to the store to avoid it, she thought to herself, blaming herself for everything. C and C's mom had only been gone five minutes, when B pushed her onto the bed. Never in A's thirteen years of life, did she think that would happen. B was a writer, as was A. B was A's inspiration, her idol.

She layed there, defenseless under her idol's strength. B took her precious first kiss as if it meant nothing to her.

B was about to take what little innocence A had, when C walked in. C's mouth dropped in anger when she seen the scene before her. C ran to the bed and grabbed A from it, bringing her into a hug. C looked a B and yelled for him to go, B pulled up his pants and dashed for his room leaving a crying A and worried C behind.

C pulled away from A and covered her with a blanket. "I'll call the police" C said, as she picked up the phone. "No! I don't want anyone to know right now! Just tell your mom and out of state please!" A pleaded. C grabbed A's clothes and handed them to her "I understand, get dressed and I'll have mom take you home"

Before A knew it she was home and safe in her tiny little room. The last A had heard of C was that she moved out of state, but A didn't want to know where too.

As five years passed, A tried to forget everything that happened that day. All A could forget was the names and ages of B and C. She does'nt understand why she cant remember the names and ages, yet she can remember the place, day, faces, and what happened. A is still haunted by the face of B who almost raped her, she carries a scar on the very heart that used to belong to B. She never wanted that to happen, no matter how much you love someone there is NO going back when they do something so terrible.

A/n- This is one of those confession that would not mix well with a bad comment, please if you have something to say, say it nicly A will be with me when I read the comments.


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