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My Wandering Mind

By: Inspiration

Page 1, This is what happens when I have to much time on my hands especially Easter Holidays when my routine is changed it can be a good thing but unfortunately I am a creature of habit and like a certain amount of structure in my life I like to be occupied one way or another mentally stimulated aswell as phyically I am currently at a place called kids space with my daughter and they just happen to have a computer how great is that.

My Wandering Mind.

So the truth begins and today I have so much to think about and no where to vent my fraustrations usually I am at the gym or college but it is the Easter Holidays so I suppose it is a time to reflect and spend time with my daughter which is after all the most important thing really, it gives me time to reflect upon the choices I have made in the last year and I have achieved more than I thought I would I am a perfectionist always expect to much but it is always good to have a goal and a purpose in life without which I would cease to function and I have grown used to having time to myself and it can make you selfish in some ways but I have given my time to my children for the last Twenty years and this is my time to be me again I almost lost who I am a person in my own right and now I realize that if I am not happy then how can I make those around me happy it has taken me years of soul searching to reach this point and I am still learning but one thing I can say is it is never to late to start a new, everyday is new every dawn every sunset and you can find a new you to I feel truly blessed for the life that I have and the things I have learned some people might not think it is much but to me it is everything and without my family what would be the point of anything they drive me because I want a better life for them and to have the things I couldnt have or didn't have the confidence so now I have reached a stage in my life where the next chapter is more unpredictable and my news years resolution was to lighten up and I have done so finding time to do the things you like to are not always easy but there is always a way if you want it badly enough, there is always tomorrow to start again.

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