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Death- We're waiting in a line

Article By: Khano
True confessions

Tags: Death, Dying, Time

It's all about death. Dying. Time.

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'We are all waiting in the queue to cross the door of death. Only we don't know where we are in that queue', Mufti Menk [my inspiration].

'Every soul shall taste death,' Quraan.

I know it's a sort of morose topic to speak about. But it's something people, especially me, tend to avoid. The mere mention of it sends a cold tremor down my spine.

The reason I speak about this now, is because I've just seen a funeral recently. He was 18. He was a matriculant, applying for a degree in college, earnest to be a doctor. He was...damn, really young. And really good-looking. His house, his room, was adorned, extravagant. You could tell he was the sort of guy who wasted his life on social websites and girls, by the amount of them gathered, shocked, around him.

And I looked at him...lying lifeless on the floor, a mere cloth thrown over him. He had nothing, nothing at all. He had nothing in his hands. Nothing with him. They lifted him up, took him away, and lay him in the sand, alone.

His "girlfriend" was on facebook whilst the people were howling around him, she turned to her friends and they started laughing. I was stunned, revolted!

I've never become so emotional than I had then. Because I realized, I'm so caught up in my life, I forgot that in a snap, I can go away.

I know, you ask someone 'What do you think about death?'.

They said 'You live once, so have fun while you can.' And then what? What do they leave behind? A history of relationships. A history of the filthy stuff they got up to.

I believe in living life in a way that I leave an ever-living memory. That I leave a piece of myself, of benefit, to my world. I believe in living life, making the most of the unknown time I have with the people I have and love, forgiving them whilst I can, pleading their forgiveness before it's too late. I believe in using my time productively, to help and show my world who I am. Lest I pass on, unknown to anyone, just 'another' person to live and die.

I think, instead of letting death prevent you from having fun. It should be there to remind you that you're still alive, and you can either use that advantage profitably...or waste it.

'You were created to live, not to perish.'

'If you dwell excessively on dying, you're not going to live.'

'If life is not good for you, death is not good for you.'

'When the angel of death came to remove the soul of Moses [Musa], he slapped him so hard that his one eye fell off.'

'Jesus Christ [Peace be upon him] told his apostles to pray for him to the effect that God should relieve him of the agonies of death.'

'Muhammad [Peace be upon him] passed away, leaning against the chest and neck of his wife'.


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