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Anonymous Advice: Thursday, March 21

Article By: LiveLifeAdvice
True confessions

The Anonymous Advice responses for Thursday, March 21! If you sent in any questions, look below for your response. A big thankyou to all of our fans and Booksie friends!
- A

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Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday an entry will be posted
answering all anonymous - and non-anonymous - questions
that have been submitted to LiveLifeAdvice!

A big thankyou to all of our Booksie fans and friends.
I am loving the turnout here! Hope that every one of
you can benefit from the articles and advice that
is and will be featured on this page, and hopefully
you will submit your own questions for this
weekends column!

Do you have anything to add to our response?
Comment below!

- A


Anon Asks: hi there,
I hope you can help me with this.
I am in a university that I do not really like, but I love
that I have my friends there and, oh well, a crush.
However, I have applied to an exchange program
where I can go study in the U.S and another program
that takes students to Turkey. If I were to go, I can't
really decide which program I should choose.
I don't know what's better, Turkey or the U.S.
what do you think?

I am also very reluctant about going because I'd really hate to
lose my friends. they would eventually move on from me.
and my crush? well If i left, then I'd never get the
chance to know if we can work! what do I do?

Dear Anon: Create yourself a list of "Pros" and "Cons"
about travelling to new countries to enroll in school.
Leave the list for a day, and come back to read it
with a refreshed mind to weigh the two sides! It
is always hard to accept change in your life, especially
when that change may mean that present friends
and possible relationships have the chance of becoming
a part of your past. Remember that any friend who
is true will still be your friend when you return -
and Facebook, Skype and international texting
make it easy to stay in contact! Sometimes you
need to think of what will make you the happiest
in your future, despite the things that you need
to temporarily sacrifice in the present. Think of the
new friends you will make, the new places you will
see, and the new cultures you will be exposed to!
There is much to gain - that you can share with
those you love right now when you reconnect!
All the best,

- A


Anon Asks:
I'm not sure if this is the type of question you usually
look for but here it goes. I asked my boyfriend to my prom and
he said yes. Sadly though he just contacted me yesterday
and said he can't go. Without giving me any explanation
as to why he can't go. We haven't really had a conversation
in a few days now and I was wondering
what I should do?

Dear Anon: It sounds like there is already a bit of space
between you and your boyfriend. Ask him if you two
can meet up to spend some time together without
mentioning the Prom. If he seems reluctant, something
deeper may be up. If not, casually ask him what's
been going on in his life - maybe there's something
out of his control that has caused him to either
not want or not be able to go (such as money

All in all, remember that Prom is a once in a lifetime
experience! If you've set your heart on going, go
no matter what. Even if it's just with a couple of
girlfriends. You'll have a wonderful, memorable
experience either way! Cheers,

- A


Anon Asks:
Hi I'd like to ask if you have any tips for
getting rid of acne? I know its gross. I hope you have
something because it really makes me self conscous
about my face, especially at school. Oh and I'm in
middle school. I don't have a lot of money to buy
like pro active - I'VE ASKED! :(

Dear Anon: I most definitely have a few tricks up
my virtual sleeve that can help you out with unwanted
acne! Firstly, when you start to feel a pimple or an
outbreak coming on ( a that tight, crusty
feeling as your pores clog up ), wash right away.
If you have any facial scrub, use this, as it
will get deep in to your skin and dig out anything
that you don't want in there. When you actually
have an annoying whitehead, try applying tooth
-paste to it. Just a small dab will do. To avoid
getting any further outbreaks, keep your
face clean! Avoid oily makeups or using too
much lotion. A great recipe for a cleansing
facial mask - which is cheap and effective -
can be found here:
As well, steaming your face with a hot towel and then
applying clear or white glue can act as a peel-mask
once it dries!

I would also recommend making a Pinterest account,
if you don't already have one! This is where I find
many of my skin-care tips and tricks.
Best of luck,

- A


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