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Anonymous Advice: Tuesday, March 19

Article By: LiveLifeAdvice
True confessions

I was so excited to see that two people sent in e-mails requesting advice! It's not a large turnout, but it's definitely a start. Here are the Anonymous Advice for Tuesday, March 19, 2013. Enjoy!

- A

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Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday an entry will be posted
answering all anonymous - and non-anonymous - questions
that have been submitted to LiveLifeAdvice!

I was so excited to see that two people sent in e-mails
requesting advice! It's not a large turnout, but it's
definitely a wonderful start. If you've sent in a
question, be sure to look below for your advice!

Do you have anything to add to our response?
Comment below!

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Anon Asks: Hi. im 14 years old and want to come out to my
parents. My mum thinks that i have a boyfriend who is
actually my best friend and is always nagging me asking
stuff about us thinking were dating. i know you probably
think im too young to know how i feel but im a hundred
percent sure that i like girls. My mum really likes my best
friend and its so annoying that she keeps telling me to date
him :( What do i do?

Dear Anon: It seems that your problem revolves around the
fact that your Mom keps pushing your best friend on you,
rather than the fact that they are unaware of your sexuality.
If you aren't ready to tell them that you are interested in
girls, rather than boys, don't force it out to get her off your
back! It could make an awkward situation even more un
-comfortable for you. Ask your Mom if you can have a
talk with her - just the two of you - and tell her how you
feel when she asks about you and your best friend. Tell her
that you don't have feelings for him, and that you feel
that her pressure is putting weight on your friendship
that neither of you can carry. Coming out will be
easier for you if you relieve the stress of this problem
first! Good luck,

- A


Anon Asks: I don't know if this is the kind of question
you're looking for so I'm sorry if it's kinda silly. I'm really
stressed out lately and can't find anything to destress.
Do you have any tips on this? I'm sorry again if this
question is kinda weird...

Dear Anon: There is no right or wrong question here!
Yours is neither silly, nor weird - don't stress. You seem
to be the type of person who worries a whole heck of
a lot about the little things, which can really get your
mind worked up at times. To help yourself keep calm,
cool and collected, try picking up an active habit like
Yoga or Running. You will feel refreshed and healthy
after keeping active, and your mind will be occupied
from negative and stressing thoughts. If you aren't one
for physical activity, however, try other distractions
like creating a "Keep Calm and Carry On" music
playlist with a mixture of soft music, nature sounds
and ending with a song that just gets you pumped and
singing along! Hope this helps,

- A


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