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What's real Love

Article By: Romano
True confessions

Stop wondering what if and give your heart, if it all fails with one don't judge or give up move on and love again. Someone will return the love you have, yet just know that in doing so if God isn't first it won't work

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Love…………..there are songs, plays, movies and even poems about the one most long for and desired word on the planet. What makes it so unique is we know it exists. We hear about it all the time and wonder why we can't have what our soul's desire. We are told in the Bible that "WITH LOVING KINDNESS HAVE I DRAWN THEE", this means to show love at all times. True many take your kindness for a weakness, yet it's up to you to act affirm in who you are and not allow others mean gestures or comments control who you are. Many times I hear the phrase "you can't help who you love or fall in love with", and on many instances you fall in love with what you are being shown and how you are being treated. Many people can care less about you, because all they are doing is giving you an illusion of what you long for and desire.

The devil's greatest illusion and mind game is to present himself as if he doesn't exist. Many veils are mirrored to draw you in then sift you as wheat. The devil wants to kill, steal and destroy who you are, and Love is one of the best ways to do that. Many people if ask don't know the meaning of love, and others describe love as what they see or have grown up to experience. To love is truly unconditional, it's to do what you feel and know in your heart, it's not fabricating tales of what others want just to get them, and it's not looking out for you and you only. Love is putting others before you always, never letting them down. If you are being treated unfairly in any situation then you are not loved, you may be cared for, but if you don't come first (after God) then you are not love. Love is never having to ask or apologize for any wrong you may have done to the person you claim you say you love. Love is patient, love is kind, to regret is not to love. I have also heard "it is better to love than not to have love at all", but how do you call it love when you were swindled into thinking it was when it wasn't. Love returns itself to you, love is knowing at all times. To love is to respect, to care, to go above and beyond for all you can ask or think, many of us do this on our job, because that's what showed us love. We are ordered as men to love our wives (woman) just as Christ love the church. Jesus died for the church, and here many men won't even lift a finger to give a woman what she deserves. If you have love I pray it continues to grow and not be subjected to your past experience of what you were shown or given. We are to love with our whole heart, not our mind or past. If you are living out of regret and not giving your heart then it's not gone work, if you have exalted all your possibilities in love and have had enough, then let it go, it's not fair sitting in a situation and not give who you are because you have been damaged. Yet when you do find love and I mean true love and you know it's love don't let it go, for if you treat love with the same measure that you have in the past you will doom those who love you. If you feel you can't give that love then simply be by yourself and love you. When people love themselves more than you, then you will never be love or get it. Love always seem to elude me, so love whole heartedly and unconditional and quit thinking rough times that seem to never get better is love, quit thinking he or she will come around and give you what you want and long for. If every moment of your life is filled with moments of apologies and sorry, then you won't find love in that, leave the circle of confusion to those who want to be there, if you don't see different issues that are progressing, meaning if you continue to remain in the same issues and continuously complain of the same things all the time, don't take it as God is taking you through, because God don't keep us in the same circle over and over with the same issues. If you are being catered to then you are love. Showering someone with gifts is not love.


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