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Queen of reality and dreams

Article By: RoseDivine
True confessions

This is a short story you might say of my mind, my way of thinking and questioning the world around me.

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How do we know what lies before us? What does us makes go on, when all that we feel and want is either dead or lives only in our minds?
Faith, a word used by so many and understood by only a few.
Ever since I was little, there was a piece inside me that knew I will be different; little girl who always lived in her mind, and could make every world come to life.
Why was I born if not for being me?
Finding light in the complete darkness, finding life in death, and gift of seeing what cannot be seen with a naked eye. - That is my gift and sometimes a curse
Pieces of a doorway, silver crystal glass and roses red like blood in my veins. A doll made out of porcelain, life so easily to brake, yet beautiful and unique.
There is a Queen sitting on dark throne. Her hair is black as night and her skin white as snow, her eyes sky blue and yet red like the blood flowing inside of her.
A girl standing next to her is her sister, waiting to sit on throne, to turn kingdom into something beautiful, a land of prosperity, love and peace. A pure and sincere heart, next to a shattered one, filled with loss, darkness and ice.
Queen not by choice, a duty passed on through generations of Kings and Queens. She takes refuge in shadows of the forest; summer cannot touch her or find her.
Lost and wandered, wishing for a wish of night, answer on her call.
Raven's eyes pierce into her twisted mind, she has lost her way and she cannot get back.
Mind is a tricky thing, the hardest thing to obtain, the easiest thing to lose.
Her escape has turn into a prison; from where she cannot escape. Yearning for the thing that is lost, one desire she never admitted and thought she didn't need it.
She walks in a labyrinth of dreams, halfway between stories and reality. There is a mist of questions without answers; answers that need to be answered.
What is life without darkness? Where is harmony without light?
Stories that keep my mind alive are my escape from reality. I am an escapist searching for a path that will let me leave this place and runway into fairytales I create.
I never quite understood what the purpose of my birth was. My mother would say there was no purpose just a gift of being born and being able to live.
Is it then bad to think I shouldn't be born? No one asked me if I want to live. No one asked me if I want to exist.
Everybody assume life is a greatest gift you can give. New baby who will be born, who will probably grow up and live a nice family, get married had his or hers own kids, grow old and eventually die. During that he or she will also go in school, work, have friends and fulfill his or hers dreams.
One thing is so often forgot. "We always find one person who was born with a different and often misunderstood desire."
There are some desires that never can come true, some wishes that no matter how much we long and yearn for them will always stay only wishes.
Who are we then to carry the gift of life and giving to someone who may not even want it?
We only want to survive and keep our legacies going is what the most would say.
I cannot argue with that, for I am nothing more than a human searching for answers to questions I have been asking myself for as long as I can remember.
But if we had a choice, before being born if someone would ask us "Do you want to be born or not?" explaining us that life can be hard, bad and that we may end up hating it, that there are not only good things it but also painful ones; would we take it?


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