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And When You Realize You'll Always Remain Deprived Of Something You Strived For So Long!!

Article By: taliasiddiq96
True confessions

The article is about the feelings encountered when one fails the attempt to fulfill his dream that he craves for!

Submitted:Aug 5, 2013    Reads: 21    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

How do you feel when you ultimately draw a conclusion that no matter whether you appeal to your guardians or plead on your knees to Allah but you can never be victorious over your fate and transform the way the world goes round? In the terms of simple vocabulary,just nothing,nothing at all. What to do in such a tenderly critical situation where you own no second choice other than hunting your dream yourself and walk on to face the world,set on for an unfamiliar destiny in such a case when you are totally unaware which path to comply? Once you fail in a certain attempt to accomplish a goal,you flunk to pile up the heroism and rekindle the candle of hope in yourself to invade the feeling of fear that takes a birth in you soon after your dream dashes to fragments. You rank yourself among upgraded ones,underestimate yourself,an incurable inferiority complex displeasingly tears apart your confidence and marks your personality with an unhealable wound almost forever. I heartily wish one could actually substitute the decision of fortune and play similar pranks on the doom with which it demolishes the intellectual capabilities of someone and lead them to unwillingly visage the dreariest nightmare of life. Life manifestly turns empty and meaningless when you find the ways so vague,people around you so strange,cheers to tears and laughs drown into deadliest silence that gradually but brutally haunt your soul,you begin regretting your existence. No wonder,at the same time you tend to contemn your heart for not permitting you to muster the shattered pieces of the broken dream,file them in the bin,wear the mask of a fake smile on your face and move on,pretending to be perfectly alright. One exhaustively loses the peace of mind,harmony of spiritual principle embodied in him and last but not the least,the essential cause to sustain on this earth with the head up high on the sky perishes. In intensively extreme matters,people grow ballistic,approach psychedelic drugs to attain the genuine rest of mind. To comprise it all into the nut's shell,the fact must be universally agreed upon that indeed it is beyond the normal limits to accept the severe challenge of life,fight it courageously,get it off the mind and step forward yet there is no use of drenching the eyes out in tears over the spilt milk which would gain no good,rather it will keep on piercing one's sensitive emotions. It is more preferable not to get your individuality highlighted further as feeble,coward and deficient by your vocal as well as physical actions. In this way,you'd not only ruin your remnant dignity but would also leave yourself vulnerable and indefensible to the world. Additionally, this would drag you towards defeat and badluck. Instead of overcoming your weak grounds,you'll suffer from modified mental distress. Wouldn't it be a better option to look for another favorable,advantageous opportunity,acknowledge the proposal of reality and this time to hit the bull's eye?


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