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My View On Life

Book By: katelyn8000
True confessions

This may interest you, or not. This is on what I believe life is. I think, if you read this, it may change your life for forever. And help you find your meaning of life. Good luck!

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Life is highly complicated. I bet you have heard that a million times. I'm going to try and tell you what I think life is, but that may be just as wrong as flying elephants. Taking this from a twelve-year-old girl, living in a small town with her brother, mother and father. But you see, I'm different. I have done what I say "opened my eyes." So, in the short term, what do I think life is? Love is? Family is? Friendship is? I'm going to tell you everything I know, in my short, twelve years of life.

I have been influenced quite a lot this week, thinking about life. Multiple times I have tried to put my thoughts down, but every time I have been unable to continue. It just hit me, what I really believe life is. They always say, "Look in your heart, and you will find the meaning to life," or something similar, if you know what I mean. That is not exactly what I believe. I think, life, is all about others. The way you see them, the way you treat them. Life isn't about finding yourself, it is about finding others. See, without a family, who would you be? Yes, some very amazing people have no family, and have turned out just fine. But, they had friends along the way, did they not? That is why our "heart" burns so bad to find the right person who will love you forever. We all look at the television and think "that will be me someday." But is that really true? Without others, what life would we have? I don't believe we would have much of anything. Humans are generally magnificent creatures, but without many of us, we are unable to do anything. We could not hunt, eat, or build anything. Human kind has always had each other for support along the way. That is why one little thing, one person, could change somebody's life forever.

That is what I search for everyday. To try and find the meaning to life, to humankind. To why they act certain ways, or why the believe what they believe. I used to hate history, finding it filled with lies and unsolved problems. I would always ponder about it, and why no one knew. How could they know, if they didn't know themselves? You can't know everything on humankind in the past, and nothing about humankind now. This time is the one we should be focusing on, and the future. Dwelling in the past may help some things, but why answer every question? Why? Exactly my point.

I have always been a quiet, shy child. Peering behind my parents leg at the person, thinking who are they to me? Instead of worrying of myself, I would always focus on others around me. The mood of the room. Yes, everyone has those anger moments, more common for me than most, where I grow blank. But after a while, I make sure I always come back to fix things up. I hate fighting, but I have learned that fighting is the way life has to be. I always put others before me, stupid, yes, but it is life.

My neighbor, one year older than me, has taught me many things in life. I always believe children have the spark to create life. Without us, there would be no life. No Christmas to celebrate, no Easter with bright outfits and smiling faces. There would be hardly any joy, that all of the children bring. I also try to bring myself to adults, finding I can connect to them in ways I cannot with others. Learning and watching them, seeing how troublesome things like money can affect somebody's life in so many ways, you could not imagine.

If you can find that spark, that one thing everyday that makes your day. And, if you can bring that one thing to somebody else, you have found life. This may sound like nonsense to you, but maybe one day it will all click. And suddenly, you'll understand everything that makes up life.

Some things that passionate me, everyday, to explore life are simple. Just cruising by, your face pressed to the window watching the houses casually fly by. Then your attention turns to a father, crouched low to the grass, his arm pulled back. He throws a base-ball, and a little boy on the other end of the yard, reaches up to catch it. Your eyes widen, and a smile breaks across your face. Simple things like this, help create life.

My favorite, is a lot by a trailer's neighborhood. Every so often, all of the kids from the area join together there, and have a big game of soccer. Soccer is one of my favorite sports to watch, because everyone works together, as a team. Their feet, sometimes bare, pound the grass as they all race after the ball, their feet stretching out as they hope to be the lucky one to catch it this time. I just watch them, a huge smile breaking out on my face. Every time we pass that area, I turn, even if the lot is empty. Clips of them playing always seem to flash there, the hope and life they give me, glowing there like ghosts.

Life can always hit you like a punch to the gut. It suddenly hits you, and you kneel over, grabbing the wall with shock. "What just happened? It all... makes sense." Now I am rambling a bit here, back to the point let's go.

So, one of the main things, is to just try and give that spark everyday to others. Seeing simple things of life can always help. Giving an extra hand, a warm smile, or just someone to talk to always helps. Once, while on my random walk to find interesting things through a store, I found a girl. She was lost, so I took her and gave her a free balloon, then helped her to her mother and sister. Afterward, I helped them carry their groceries. Helping people, just like that, can be the highlight of anyone's day. And the little girl drove away, the balloon tied to her wrist.

When I was her age, I used to take a balloon, and a sharpie. Using the sharpie, I would write a note to Jesus. Then, with a small amen, I used to let go, just standing their in awe as the balloon floated up to the sky of blue. Sometimes, asking for help, or forgiveness, can be the best thing in life. I don't believe, that there is only one right belief. I make sure to keep my mind open. If you say it is true, then it is. If something I believed was right, was wrong, then oh well. It's wrong. Simple as that. .



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