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By: Tom Winslerk

Page 1, Confessions and the Secrets both are confidential matters. But People tend to enjoy unveiling other secrets more than enjoy listening to other confessions.

For whom it may concern.Confessions? or Secrets?

This is not a happy-ending bed time story

for a mum or dad to tell their childrenbefore night time

since it won't give them a happy sweet dream.

Actually, this story is based on a true story,

so you could say it's an autobiography with

an outstanding extreme-un-extreme life

which could give you a pretty sugary nightmare.

And the thing about confectionery is that

they are physically and mentally addictive.

In other words, are you sure if you're prepared

to start reading this story of mine?

Well then, I will tell you now that it's possibly

notthe best experience or informative story

that you may have been looking for.

But trust me when I tell you this,

this story of mine might not be oneof the mostbeautiful poetry

nora charming romance fiction.

Nonetheless, it's a realistic mental narrative,

as the matter of fact it is the mostof my inclination.

Now that I have already warned you,

and you decided to read further,let's say

' welcome aboard'.

Let me take you back to the 20th century,1990 to be exact...

shall we?

For anyone who may be curious, 'why 1990?'
That's easy, it's because it's the beginning of my long chain of memory;

the beginning of a confession.

It was a clear dark night,

plenty of sparkling stars could be seen perspicuously,

silent and calm,

not any kind of special night honestly.

It wasn't quite late and the moon was still at its youth

when the dim light reflected back from the unsteady sea,

painting the most scary picture of the night;
But even so, I still couldn't take my eyes away from that dark shadow

in between every complex wave that rushed towards the shore.

It's such a Mother Nature's indescribable art work.

No matter who you are, where you're from or how important you are

if the Mother Nature gives you such exquisite visions,

you appreciated it.

The building up long curling waves,

from the hazy horizon were silently moving toward the shore,

tightening its hand with the hand of the salty, sticky wind.
Such a supportive couple indeed.

It reminds me of something clouded inside my mind,

almost too clouded to actually visualize.

Have you ever forgotten something you are about to say in just a blink of an eye?


suddenly, unreasonably forgot the name you've been calling for so many time?

That said feeling engulfed me at the very moment.

This kind of emptiness bit when my mind is likely turning blank,

all the virtuousnesses and the meaning of my life
will pop up unattended in my thought,
playing such big roles til I can't ignore even a second.
Sometimes, you gotta admit that you think your life is just so complicated.
And most of the times you just keep asking yourself
why isn't your life as easy as anybody else?
But did you ever stop and truly rethink that
do other people ask themselves the same question either?
So what if everybody shared the same question,
and demanded such different things,
what is exactly the ideal of life?
What if we have an ability to swap our path,
would it satisfied us?
the craving will hungry still?
The old wise words used to say,
' Human will never be satisfied.'
In the other word, We are always hungry for more and more.
Some people tried to solve this puzzle
and tried to find the way to stop this unsatisfy hunger.
In addition to this, neither ways has had been demonstrated.
Some succeed, some failed,
but 10 out of 10?
not really...
My question is,
Why do we really want to stop this unsatisfactoriness?
Does it really do us bad?
Does it the thing that lower our humanities?
Doesn'tit the only thing that makes you different from a lifeless corpse?
To be endless craving,isn't helping us to keep on moving?
Or the way we came up with, is it really going to help us?
What exactly do we want to achieve if we can stop it somehow?
Think about it,
if you just don't have any hunger at all what is the point in keeping on living in this materialism world?

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