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The Hunger Games review( and all things fun!!)

By: Havenrose

Page 1, Well, im really bored -.- so Im just going to talk about \'The Hunger Games\' and why you should read it and why you shouldn\'t.XD PLZ READ! :)))

D:"The Hunger Games" By, Suzanne Collins:)

Hiyo! Lets just start this little discussion off with a chat between me and one of my close friends.XD

Me: "So.... the question is Peeta or Gale?"

Friend: *wears a shirt with Peeta's face and aline that says, 'I <3 THE BOY WITH THE BREAD'* Points to shirt. "DUH DUH!"

Me: "oh..... sorry I didn't notice that..."

Friend: "You really don't pay attention do you?.. -.-"


Friend: "... If you don't love peeta then why are you wearing a hat that says. IM PEETA'S KATNISS ,HIS YIN TO HIS YANG, HIS LOVER."

Me: Im not.

Friend: Yeah but you should be.

WEEEELL Its obvious which side my friend is on... but which side are you on..... dun dun dun!:D

That was lastmonth and I have recently traded over to side Peeta, falling in love with his blond hair and sweet nature. aha! and now I wish I had that hat... hmm somebody should make one. eh?:P

NEXT DISCUSSION, pro's and con's of book (why YOU should read it or... read it again!)

PRO- Come on even BOYS can read a this book, I mean come on, theres some pretty awesome fighting scenes!

Con- (do I really have to say a con....) Ok so it can be a bit boring at parts.

PRO- Romance... sorry Im a sucker for romance, but don't worry theres not too much!

Con- It can get sad... you might even shed some tears, and boys think of it as MANLEY tears...:)

PRO- I don't want to give anything away but the twists are really awesome and if you love cliff hangers BAM 'The Hunger Games' has em'

Con- I dont want to endit with a con for this awesome book, so my con is.. IF YOU DONT READ IT I WILL BE TERRIBLYSAD! and that in itself is totally a con.

YAY!!! here comes my favorite part!! Character pictures for the upcoming movie: (get ready for some blond haired wonder, coming your way!)

KATNISS(Jennifer Lawrence)-

:)))))) Rate: 10! she rocks. ADMIT IT!

PEETA(Josh Hutcherson)-

OMIGOD! Rate: 1000000!

GALE(Liam Hemsworth)-

Srry if this offends you.. Rate: 8

PRIM(Willow Shields)-

Isn't she pretty?:) Rate: 7

RUE(Amandla Stenburg)-

JUST SO DARN CUTE! she should be my sister!


CINNA(Lenny Kravitz)-

I think he should make me some dresses! right? YES!XD Rate: 9

CATO(Alexander Ludwing)-


Rate: 8!

Ok Im going to post like a million pictures and then I won't be able to stop.. so im gonnas stop! COMMENT! which tribute do you like best? or which character...?:)

Ok after Peeta I have to say I love Rue! other than her absoulute adorableness I think she's very clever! and I wanted her to win! psh! who cares about Katniss?! (JK!XD I love Katniss to)

Wouldyou rather?:

Would you rather- Be trapped in a cave with Peeta or your Crush?

Would you rather- Be in The Hunger Games arena with your closests friends or as a 12 year old trubute against all 17 year olds?

Would you rather- Have too kill Thresh or Cato?

Would you rather?- Die by starvation or Die from hunger?




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