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Edward the Crazy Man

By: IntimateLove

Page 1, This is not actually a book review, it is actually a play review.

A few days ago I saw a play, Edward the Crazy Man. It was one of the most moving plays that I have ever seen. I would never have seen it if my friend had not suggested it, the play looked boring and nothing appealed to me. The only reason why I would have seen it was because I often went to that theatre, Theatre Passe Muraille. Although, I was expected to hate it, as soon as it started my heart was into the play. It spoke of a homeless man, alone on the streets, sick with schizophrenia. This man was bullied and hated, but if you looked through the shell of the man he once was, you saw a passionate, intelligent man. He had a mother and a father, a brother and a niece. This play shows, that not all mentally ill people are insane, they do have a life and deserves to make the most out of it. This play showed me that through anyones mask, through their mean and cruel attitude, their unwelcoming shell, there is most likely a hurting person, waiting to be helped. In conclusion I really suggest that anyone living in Toronto to go and see for themselves whether they like it or not. This play ends May 14 2011

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