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Silvia Grey Series - A Word From the Author

Book review By: SGAuthor
True confessions

For anyone who wants to know the making of the novel, click here.

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Hello fellow readers. For those of you who have read my novel "Silvia Grey" this is a place to show you how I came up with it and the drafts.

First off, the novel was NEVER orginally called "Silvia Grey". It was called "Max and Silvia". Max was the main character and Silvia was the villian, a VERY evil one too. Max was adopted in it by a rich government agent. For anyone who knows my character "Bryan Summers" He was Human in this and much older. Sam didn't exsist in this novel and Sean was a coward who couldn't stand a fight. Barsy remained the same. Daniel did not exsist in it either or Mark and Henna. Cindy, however, was a teenager and was a girlfriend of Bryan's. This was orginally going to be my final idea but I threw it out. When I looked over it, it just wasn't good enough.

Secondly - The second draft was titled "A.Bs and D.Cs" This was about two teams that hate each-other, there was no immortality in it. It would have been put in War and Militrary. This was another FAIL and it was thrown out. Also a draft that she ran away from home because her parents had died at an Anniversary (BUT THAT WAS A BIT TOO MUCH).

Thirdly - The first chapter from "Silvia Grey" was apealing to me so I kept it but the rest was chaos. I had plenty of ideas but the question was... WHICH ONE? One was that she met Sean, who was 14 in an old alleyway near Central Park. Second one was that she was kidnapped. The third one was that she went to Hollywood and was found by Sean who was actually a secret cousin of hers that she never knew. FAIL! Fails all around. I needed advice so I showed my friends the drafts.

One of my friends said that "You should get this published" and the others didn't get to read it as I was too embarassed to show them. One of my dreams was to become a well-known Author in ANY category and Booksie is making my dream come true.


The official characters were; Silvia, Max, Cindy, Sean and Barsy.

New characters that came into mind was; Daniel, Mark, Henna, Bryan and Sam.

There was also characters like O.P (who was a Human leader of a group) and a dozen other team members. Silvia was my prized character. I have drawn her many times on pages, paint (on computer) and just sketches of her outfits. She didn't always have her tail. She was always going to get it sooner or later because I thought that would be different to a character world. She was orginally only a Tomboy but I developed her into a, somewhat, sassy, pretty, advanced and dangerous figure. The result was from her guddies to heels and plain face to eye shadow.

Max was always the same, he was a classic character that I had to keep.

Sean was complicated, I wasn't sure what his personality was going to be like but then I decided; PROTECTIVE, TOUGH AND OVER-TEMPERED. This has suited the story perfectly. I drew him with an official outfit and a billion different hairstyles.

Daniel is actually I character that I am most proud of. He has a hateful character and can be hated by the readers but without him, there would be no Silvia. There would be no story. He is the Villian (well... for now ;D) and is a dark, negative and get-to-work sort of person. Daniel was meant to be a friend of Max's dad in the later drafts but I knew he would do well as an Uncle. An Uncle who is over-protective and caring. I have drawn a few pictures of him as well, with different outfits and hairstyles.

Barsy was an easy character to create. He was the know-it-all and the smart one, always thinking things out. Like Max, there wasn't much to him but he was kept.

Cindy was a character that I hated mentioning in the story but I needed a Girl identical to Silvia for a rival and it spat out Cindy Sparks. She is a self-obsessed, snobby, condescending sort of character but I ALSO needed her. She was kept, as a result of a need.

Sam; I absolutely adore Sam's character. He is the playful, funny, silly and paranoid character that you just have to love! (But some of you may hate him. That doesn't effect me) He was drawn out and I kept him. There really is no point in him but he's there for the fun of it.

There was nothing much to Mark but I liked the goth of him. I need a friend that was a Boy for Max and therefore Mark was created.

Henna was probably the MOST complicated character. I had her with many different personalities (Snobby, kind, tough, tomboy, girly, cheeky and a load of others) but sweet, shy and positive was kept. I have drawn her many times and getting her official outfit was tough. I also wanted to bring a dark-skinned person in it so it wasn't all the same (I HOPE THAT'S NOT RACIST CUZ' I HATE RACISM).

Bryan was originally a Human DJ that was a son of a government agent. But I needed a flirty, don't-care character. I did MAJOR changes on Bryan and then he became the person who he is in the story. I have drawn him a lot of times with Silvia and have even done a comic-strip on on the two.

To End

I want to thank the people who took time to read a far-fetched novel such as this. This is a behind-the-scenes of Silvia that I hope you enjoyed reading. It was tough, writing a novel like this with a MILLION drafts and character designs, but I have EVERYTHING planned out for the future books and I hope you will continue reading it. Thank you.


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