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What Makes Me Unique

Essay By: Daniela Lozano
True confessions

A short description of who I am.

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My name is Daniela Lozano. I am of Mexican descent and the younger of two sisters. My family and friends have always described me as an idealistic, driven and decisive person, perhaps even a bit of an over-achiever. However, I feel that I am a care-free and a lighthearted individual deep down inside. Impulsive by nature, I often get in trouble for reckless mistakes that could be easily avoided by simple thinking. I enjoy making my family laugh. I love the sound of laughter and often find myself laughing out loud contagiously along with someone, though I may not even know what they are laughing at.

I was raised in a Baptist church as far as I can remember, and believe in Jesus Christ and the preaching's of the Bible. I suppose this a factor that sets me apart because most Mexicans are of the Catholic religion. Aside from my religious beliefs, I also have particular viewpoints about life. I believe that everyone in the world has a purpose in life and that all should strive for success, but that success is of multiple definitions. What might be my destined success, will not be the same for others. Thus, I am not quick to judge my peers in their manner of living.

My dominant sense would be my sight. I am a very visual person and I experience the world at its fullest with my eyes. For instance, when I am not sure about the spelling of a word, I will list out all of the possible ways of the correct spelling. From there, ninety-nine percent of the time, I can usually make an accurate distinction between the right and wrong spelling just by looking at the words before me. This ability has made me an adequate speller throughout my years of school. Furthermore, I am complemented much on my ability to create, or put together an aesthetic outfit. I love making several articles of clothing and accessories come together to produce an extraordinary look. I love to mix and match trends together and allow myself to be creative when I dress. I owe this talent to my visual capabilities. This statement brings me to my next thought; my aspiration has always been to become a fashion stylist.

I love the beauty in clothing and the power that comes with it. I could receive no greater satisfaction than the one to make a costumer's day by dressing them in such a way that compliments their body type, transforming them into a self-confident and sophisticated personage. This is what fashion styling is all about, being able to make your costumer feel and look good. I frequently read fashion magazines and have a sixth sense of future trends. Fashion is truly my passion in life.

I have goals, but not many presently. I am focused mainly on school right now. Receiving respectable grades is my first priority because I highly value education. To me it represents the entrance to opportunities and the outlet from dependency. I like to observe the things that go around me, listen to advice given, and learn from my own experiences, because I believe that in doing so, I might increase my knowledge. I am a directive communicator, moreover I rather work alone than in a team because I am extremely meticulous and sort of a perfectionist.

My favorite colors are purple; because it is profound, red; because it is passionate, blue; because it is peaceful; and neon colors because they are eccentric. I like listening to Indie Rock but I prefer my Mexican music over all. I enjoy hot, tropical climates such as those in Florida, if not hotter. I cannot stand the cold; anything lower than seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit is freezing to me. I am naturally drawn to humorous, down-to-earth, type of people. Though I am Mexican, my number one favorite food is Italian. I love to dance. It serves as a recreational activity and helps me stay in shape; hence I try to hit a party at least once in two weeks.

I am sixteen years old, but sometimes I feel as if I were at least ten years older; an old-soul. Yes, I am odd, random, and somewhat unusual, but this is what makes me unique.


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