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Of bubble gums and love...

Essay By: samantha32
True confessions

sometimes we all get so caught up in the web of our lives that we tend to oversee the most important stuff- the pure basic stuff which is the basis of everything else in our lives.....
open you eyes.

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I have just overheard a phone conservation, I honestly did not mean to. Outside my apartment window, the caretaker of a nearby small restaurant's kitchen was talking to his son (in another city) on the phone, I could not help overhearing as he was just so close- and loud. He is normally a very serious kind of person, a no- non- sense kind of person, so none of us know him that well. While talking to his son he was consoling him that he is going to see him real soon and when he goes home he will bring a bubble gum for him.


I don't want to sound too cliché, but that is the one thing in this life that makes it all worthwhile. Jobs, career, degree, money, riches, you name it. Without love everything is worthless. Don't get me wrong here, I don't mean romantic love here, that's only one kind. The most powerful bond of that can ever be possible among us is that of a parent for a child. It's strong and potent. Its powerful, it stays with you no matter where you go, no matter what you do. It's within you. It is the one thing that can light you up from within, no matter how dark the world gets around you. It sustains you- and most of the time you don't even know that its only your parents' prayers that have saved you from a lot of dark stuff in life. The love that we have for our parents is only next to it. It gives you power, you know- power to do stuff, good stuff. It becomes your greatest strength- and you biggest weakness.

When a poor father tells his son that he will bring bubble gum for him when he goes home for holidays…………….when an old father walks his kid home from school, with the child's heavy bag on his shoulders as the child is grumbling and asking him why he is late again. The father tries explaining that the master had some extra work and would not allow him to leave earlier. The child does not understand and says that all his friends' fathers are always on time….what the child doesn't know is that its only for the child's education and brighter future that he has to work under any kind of circumstance without grumble, has to work double shift so that the child may not be hungry or cold. ……………………..When a mother tries to soothe her feverish baby in the middle of the night, as the child is crying relentlessly. She can not control anymore and joins in the crying…………when a child is going away from home and a mother gives every penny that she has saved to the child so that he or she may eat proper food during the journey.

"its been ages since my mother has slept at all (at night) ………………………all I ever did was tell her that I am afraid of the dark." This is the translation of a famous Urdu poem by Tabish.

Let's just hope that we all become worthy of the love that our parents have for us……..because no matter who you are, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, when all is said and done, all that really matters is family- who you have standing right beside you when the rest of the world turns its backs on you. Your parents and siblings- these are the only relations in life who know the real you but love you anyways. And more than that lets all pray that we become worthy of Allah's love, that he has for us. I hope that Allah gives us the strength to do as much as we can for our parents.

No matter what your science says, its only love that makes this world go around.


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