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Essay By: Stefan M
True confessions

They told me to write about some of the dislikes that i don't like that are reflected to people who hate the mentally ill . I give actuall facts and figures and also my opinions ant rants about my subject
WARNING my essay is not finished the reason I am publishing this is for my own reasons please feel free to rant my essay so far and please if possible to give me some ideas on what to write next .

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People with a mental illness struggle day by day to survive, the struggle factor is not only physical but also mentally. OCD'S, schizophrenic to even bipolar people suffer not only from their mental illness but also from the judgement the dislike and also odd situations that people have towards the mentally ill. 6 out of 8 would judge or even move away from these people who suffer. In our nature we are provided with sense, ability to new things, communication and other values. To some others who are less fortunate than us lack a few of these senses; these people may have a disorder a disability or even a mental illness. A severe mental disorder could be found anywhere. Did you know that seven out of eleven could have OCD or even Bipolar disorder? But the question comes to mind as "How do people have a mental illness or a disorder?'' or even "what do we do if a member in our family or colleague has this illness?" Do not be alarmed! A mental illness could appear after a long period of melancholy ,stress or even anxiety , our world is full of stress and anxiety so try and take a break or even a minute to clear things , the brain functions well but if it functions more than normal stress and anxiety marks start to appear . People who have a family member with mental health issues must know that calm and peaceful living is a daily dose of medicine. Did you know that nine out of ten people who have tried this experiment of having a free and easy going lifestyle while having a disorder or a mental illness, have less symptoms than someone who has a high rate of OCD. You must always be next to them at all times , it is team work that makes a big push in to healing a few wounds of the disorder or even illness of the one who suffers from it . But what about the people who dislike the mentally ill? What about those who have no respect for them? How about those who feel unsecure who are around the mentally ill? Do they have a point? It is a big issue globally I think about the dislike and awkward situations that pass through with the mentally ill. People may feel unsecure or frightened, but let's not forget " we don't say a schizophrenic but a man with schizophrenia" this clearly means that we are all human beings but if one has a struggle it does not mean that he or she is a major disaster or threat to man kind . I do understand that people hate the abnormal or so called peculiar behaviours of someone with a disorder or who is mentally ill, but let's just think back a little bit, as I said before stress and anxiety marks do appear or even reappear after a long period of stress and frustration which could create a disorder or a mental illness. But on the other point what is it that makes people judge? Judging is something common to our society .Did you know that people who feel unsecure have as a backup, judgement. But what is it that ticks people off? What makes people become over protected? Ok so someone who is mentally ill does have some sense on what is happening around them at one point. But do you feel that is necessary to share to the one who is next to you your negative thoughts about that person? Same goes to anyone who thinks that they are superior ; people with Autism do have a strong point is creativity ,maths and science amazing how someone with a struggle can still have a diploma in a complex field and you can't . Today's youth is a big issue, swearing as such as "are you a retard?" or even "you Muppet'' if you have noticed, those two swear words do reflect upon the mentally ill. So that means that the core of the problem comes from the expressions that today's youth say. It is a cycle I say from negative to worse to a disaster. It is time we educate people of knowing what an illness is. Another thing that ticks me off is the abuse that happens in hospitals. This may sound strange but the safe place that you think that could cure you, could actually destroy you; if you were a mental patient. Since 2005 over 70 employees at Texas' 10 state hospitals have been fired while dozens more have been disciplined for alleged physical abuse, including beatings in some cases. This may sound shocking to you but to some others it is considered normal in there profession. "-One day I was in my room and a nurse opened the door and walked in. Her intent was to check my glucose level before supper .She got her machine all set up and ordered me to do this that to cooperate with her agenda .I got pretty snappish and uncooperative. She had some bad words to say about my attitude and I likewise about hers. What she ignored was that she had entered the room without knocking and left the door open-and I was standing there exposed, wearing only a T-shirt and underpants while all the passers-by were fully clothed." (Patient: Anne C.) This does seem strongly offensive and also lack of respect to the patient, but this nurse should have known better .Says Doctor Morgan. More witness and victims have had courage to report the abuse, that they had and others had from the staff. But the question comes to mind as "why do they do it ''?


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