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Two is truly better than one

Miscellaneous By: DarlingDontDare
True confessions

For my two bets friends

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People say it never works to have two best friends. Well, I do and it seems like a puzzle. Every piece fits perfectly in its place. When people look at us, we don't look like we'd ever be friends or even acquaintances for that matter. There's a bubbly, jokester girl; a spiritual but not religious and very much into incense and yoga girl, and a hopeless romantic who also happens to be a punk. Odd isn't it? Well either way, these two girls are my sisters. I couldn't live without them. Everything I will ever need to know about life I have learned from them. Hours of choreographing our own dances to our favorite songs, countless inside jokes piling up over the days and so many of those moments when we just look at each other and burst into giggles. I love it. It's hard to believe I've only known them for a little less than a year for it seems like forever. I'd do anything for these two and they know that. And to say the least, we've done some pretty crazy shit. For reasons I can't explain to a stranger, we've all three developed a fear of landscapers and a stalker named Kieran. Right off the bat, I can't help but mention our inside jokes. Really, most of them make absolutely no sense to anyone who wasn't there at that moment. At times I feel bad because we laugh and joke around our other friends and they have no understanding of what could possibly be so funny about dating a boy who looks like a turtle or dancing to a Julian Smith song. I feel terrible when our other friends feel bad because they just can't be a part of our inner circle and will always remain just a regular friend. I still haven't had the guts to tell my last best friend that she has been replaced. It's not like I made some mean girl move and just cut her out of my life but when I moved we stopped talking and only saw each other maybe once every 2 months and with time we grew apart. But when we DO talk, she still calls me her best friend and I feel bad. But there's not much I can honestly do in this situation. My best friends, Kelsey and Maddie, often need me and I love being able to help them wherever possible and they help me just as much. So though I've had to let go of a few old friends here and there, these two have made this year so much better. I can honestly say that I never want to lose them because they're so close to me, I can't imagine a life without them. They're the kind of friends want my kids to call auntie Maddie and auntie Kelsey someday and they'll come over for girls night and we'll drink wine and complain about our husbands. That's how I've always seen us. And if the world decides to be perfect and I marry Maddie's brother, Maddie marries Kelsey's brother and Kelsey marries my best guy friend (Nate) then we'll all really be sisters. I literally just had that idea a few minutes ago and I realized how perfectly that would work out. See? This is exactly the sort of things we'd be talking about together. Except this is the first time I've said it to strangers. But honestly, we all know we have these friends. Some have only 1 some have way more. Either way, these are the people we would like to be close to forever and go through all of lives trials and joys alongside, no matter the cost to us. So when people ask me, " do you have a best friend?" I say yes and I am so blessed I got two! Never deny your best friend(s) and never be afraid to stand up for them because I can guarantee from experience that they will love you no matter what if you do this for them. I love you two, and I really hope you read this someday.



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