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This is my first piece of writing, it is just some random ideas that were floating around my head tossed together in written form.

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What Is On My Mind?
By: Josh Anderson
What is a story? A compilation of words that perfectly come together to form an alliance of meanings and different poetic devices? A story is capable of telling a lot about the writer in many different ways, such as the mood they were in while writing or even the history of the writer and so many different factors that build up to create a human being that is so perfectly modified and unique to everyone else. On the subject of diversity and uniqueness of humans, i am dumbfounded by the fact that there are seven-billion humans on this marvelous planet and each one has a different background and a new story to tell. I love reading a lot, the main reason i read is to gain a stronger recognition of the capabilities of humans. To get a better understanding of the types of lives people are living, and while reading you realize how fortunate you are and how lucky you are compared to other people. Our world is a cold brutal place and the thing that is going to hit you the hardest is reality, it will hit you like a semi-truck on a busy highway and once that has happened you are able to open your world up to many new exciting ventures and accomplish great things. Because i have no topic and am just writing for the hell of it, this essay will be like none other. It will be a jumble of ideas and thoughts proccessed into one single paragraph that expresses my many different feelings on a wide array of subjects. Music is really something else... It has been my saviour in certain situations, it has also been the push factor i need to finish those late night assignments, and it has been that friend i need on a friday night. I have always been into searching and digging for new artists and songs, it really is a great feeling discovering a song that "gets you" and you know will be on loop for the next few days. Any genre of music is soothing except for that heavy metal garbage, i know once you sit down and read the lyrics it probably means something sentimental to some, but to me it is a group of guys screaming into a microphone for four minutes straight, and that type of music does not get me, and it never will. But hey, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and my opinion will be different to everyone else's. On certain occasion i prefer to just sit down, light a few candles and relax to some classical music, but that rarely happens. Technology will continue to baffle me for decades to come, even though i am considered young in this world, i have been alive for many great technological feats. It just continues to get better and better, and i keep thinking there will be a breaking point, but it keeps progressing in this modern day and age. Typing this on what 'was' considered a new computer, but compared to what is on the market nowadays it makes my computer look like it was created in the stone age. Today in science i learned about organic compounds and i was astounded at the things i learned; i found out that there is no such thing as "organic" food. You are probably skeptical about that idea, claiming that shopping at an overpriced grocery store is well worth the healthy results. Organic means that it was naturally created, with a molecular build up of different combinations of carbon and hydrogen atoms. But even man made food is or was organic at some point in its stage of creation. Lets take dempsters white bread for example; It was produced in a factory, thus making it man made, and non-organic. Bread is made of wheat, and wheat is an organic substance, making the "man made" bread have organic qualities. So next time you decide to shop, just think, all foods are organic. Im not telling anyone that eating four bags of chips and a bunch of pop is healthy, but it is organic. I recently watched two different versions of the play "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare, and to my surprise i was interested by the hidden message of the play. In my opinion the message was that; with all odds against you, true love can still break through those barriers. The story is basically about two rival families who have a lot of hate for eachother, but the young lovers fought against anyone and anything to prove that their love was real and the idea of hate was crushed by these two lovers. Dreams are something out of this world, i get excited to go to bed early and get lots of sleep in order to create an imagination filled lifestlye for eight hours. My dreams have become more vivid and crazy the past few weeks, and i cannot find out why, but i love it. They say that high school is the time of discovery and curiosity, but in my recent experience it is nothing special, and that may dissapoint some of the readers but there is a bright side. In my opinion high school is the time for preparation, for college and the real world. Just a reminder that this paper is an opinion based schpele and if you do not support my ideas and opinions then you can stop reading at any time. Shall we continue? Clothing is another thing that will take me years to figure out, we wear specific things for the approval of others, why? So that they can judge you less? It makes no sense to me, if you want to wear something but are afraid to find out what people think about it, then you need to crawl back into your closet and hide. Let it out i say, go to school wearing that tie-dye shirt mom never lets you wear and let people know who you are and what you stand for. Because once you get that idea in your head then life will become that much easier to live. A quick rant on a touchy subject; Religion. It makes me mad that people can do certain things claiming that "Their" god approved of their decision. I am all for the idea of a greater being looking over us, but the fact that wars are started because of religious ideas. Thats right, people are killed believing what they want to believe in. In a different light of the subject, it truly shows a lot of heart and character that people risk their lives fighting for the one they believe in, it really shows a lot of comitment. I love diversity, and if you are unaware of what that really means, "The state or fact of being diverse, differnce; unlikeness." It means things have lots of variety, you may think of ice cream or shopping for shoes, but the point i was attempting to get across was racial diversity. In my life i have been to many schools and have heard LOTS of gossip, and one thing my ear hears just about everyday is a racial slur. Racisim is no easy subject to talk about but it must be done at some point. We can all admit that we have made at least one racial remark, good or bad, but it is no excuse. People are all unique in their own special ways and that is nothing to be made fun of for. The colour of skin should make no difference to the friends you make, excluding somebody from your circle of friendship based on the colour of their skin shows how shallow a person can actually be. All people are different and if you cant learn to accept that fact then you dont deserve to have any friends at all. It warms my heart when i see someone go out of their way to break the racial barrier. Boredom; we have all experienced it, and we all know how annoying it is to cope with, but sometimes that one little thing can change your mind in an instant. For example, i was bored out of my mind earlier today, i was walking around shirtless doing pushups to pass the time. It wasnt until i sat down at my computer, and spontaneously ideas started pouring out of my head, like niagra falls. To be precise, i was sitting at my computer doing nothing, thinking of nothing, until a song by Kesha came on which for some odd reason put me in the writing mood. My bed is a place like none other, it is my spaceship when i am on an important space oddessy, it is my racing car when im racing in the indy 500, it is my cave thousands of miles away from civilization where i can just sit there and examine the wide variety of shells, but the point im trying to get across is that when im in bed so many possibilities are at hand. The ideas i have talked about tonight is just one page in the book, and im excited to continue to write about what is on my mind.


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