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This is just a list of things I really dont like in day to day life it is only an opinion so please no-one take anything personal on the list.
If there is anything on the list that anybody does find offensive please let me know and I will remove it.
just so you know some little things about me if you care to(:

Submitted:Nov 19, 2011    Reads: 73    Comments: 13    Likes: 5   

1. Taxi Drivers-Simply because they are robbing bastards charging 2:80 the second you're in the door
and still they have the cheek to sweet talk you while taking longest route possible.

2.- People who start fires and run why start a fire if you aren't even going to watch it burn?

3.- When someone texts you something 'wow' and you have no credit to reply

4.- When someone is on the phone on the bus and is basically screaming their whole convo'
I just fail to understand just because they are on a bus there is any need to shout.

5.- When a Tourist asks me directions and I cant help them leaving me feeling like a muppet
only because they must be thinking ' she doesnt even know her way about her own country'

6.- People that give it big lips in a group yet on their own its hood up and head down.

7.- Boys/Men that feel the need to rev their engine during traffic and roll their window down
with really loud music little do they know the car sounds ill.

8.- When the filth (police) front you claiming it is with reason when clearly it is a case of
They are bored, Its half an hour until lunch, They see me -Sorted.

9. - how it takes five fire engines to put out the likes of a bin.

10. - The fact there is only meant to be one santa yet when christmas does come there is one
in like every shopping centre, how kids arent confused.

11. Emmerdale - No explanation needed.

12. David Attenborough's Voice - No disrespect to the guy but it puts suicide into consideration

13. When I laugh at cruel wrong things with nerves and nerves only!!

14. Seaguls - If I had a gun.

15. Like three food leaflets through your door a day.

16. Builders - There is like ten at a job nine having a cup of tea and fag watching the remaining one
do all the hard ass work there is that and their smart ass comments made while

17. Loud Eaters - Pet hate, really really really makes my blood boil.

Anthing that stands with more than four legs just dont trust it.

19.People that hint badly instead of directly asking would save so much time and effort
would be so much quicker and easier if they just fuckingasked!!

20. Someone who repeats themself all the time again, really not needed.

21. Doctors - Just the patronising tone they use on you as if you were a little dence more than
you were in pain or anything else.

22. Getting your hair done and no-one noticing pisses me off something awful.

23. When someone begins to tell you something then says 'aww doesnt matter'

And you say 'Tell me please' and they say 'No it doesnt matter'
its like well why start and not finish CLEARLY it doesmatter.

To be honest people I had writers block and really needed to write so gave this a shot
Writing a poem right now would be close to the impossible where as this isnt but do note
its nothing important there must be atleast 50 spelling mistakes (like my other work)
but I feel better for it I cant think of any other things that get to me as such if I can I will add it on!!



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