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A Feeling of Beauty

By: Lindsey Renea

Page 1, A feeling I had.

Sitting in the car, I waited for my father as he was in the store. I sat there in the passenger side, watching all of the cars pass by and I stared at the people in them most carefully, trying to read their expressions. I always try to read people. I want to know what they're thinking and feeling.

The sky was gray and it was very cold. I felt a familiar emptiness deep within myself and soon I would be numb unable to feel anything. Then, something happened.

To others, this wouldn't matter but it did to me. It started to snow and just when it did, bells from a nearby church started to ring and the sound of them echoed. I opened the car door so that I could hear them more clearly. For that moment, I felt a strange feeling. The depressing feeling I had subsided and this new feeling made me feel happy. It was a beautiful moment. It was as if at that moment, I forgot about everything and I just focused on the beautiful sound that I was hearing. Words cannot describe how beautiful that moment was to me.

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