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The Wannabe Advocate in Me :)

Miscellaneous By: MsSarky
True confessions

One aspect of my personality seen through the microscope of humour (hopefully!) :)

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Sometimes I transform into a cat. I hiss and yowl when I hear something I utterly disagree with. I brandish my verbal claws [how sharp they are is for a listener to judge].

I morph into this vicious screeching creature when I argue. Occasionally I admit, there's malice peeking from behind my words. Other times, there isn't. But I mainly argue because I love to do so. It livens me up when people aren't mere echos, but disagree. Arguing is an effective energy booster.

This obsession has been translated into a fondness for debating. I like plunging into speedy, incisive back-and-forth word exchanges. [@ those who think I'm bragging with the word 'incisive', the fact that I have toplunge into such a thing means that it already existed, and therefore is attributed to someone else.] Some people hold the view that those who ferociously debate tend to be extroverted and un-self conscious. This doesn't hold true for me. In spite of the amount I jabber and retort in specific situations, I am not really a social butterfly. Also, I tend to cringe - even whimper like a kitten - when it comes to making a speech or performing on stage or small talk. There my tongue can never roll like it does during an argument.

Arguing is a daily practice for me that strengthens my persuasive skills [at least I hope it does] and bolsters my ability to make scathingly snide comebacks [even if it doesn't, I delude myself in to believing it does]. Since i face someone geared to run over my cherished ideals, I'm compelled to back my opinions with marble-hard facts and carve them with logic. Having to stubbornly defend myself from what seems like a court cross-examination,keeps my on my toes. I can not then, become complacent and wriggle out with lazy thinking.
It's also influential in my career choice. I want to be a lawyer. It's an enticing, exciting -as well as lucrative- deal. I can read, research, write and argue my heart out -as much as i want, for a big fat cheque.

To me, arguing consists of facts, logic, opinions, and criticism. There's no point being thin-skinned after voicing a view. I doubt a robust argument can flourish unless statements are contested, defended, and contested again. Those who stifle debate with only the weapon of the loudest voice, are no better than chunky, ugly weeds that clog the garden.

You might raise your eyebrows at this previous sentence I wrote. You might not agree with anything I've written here. In fact, I'd prefer it if you don't. Then the fireworks begin :)


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