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My Thoughts, My Feelings UPDATED2 (REE11069266)

Miscellaneous By: REE11069266
True confessions

Hello, I got onto Booksie tonight and I was at a loss for what to write. So I am simply going to write as though I were talking to myself (as I often do). If you want an insight on who I am then this will be good for you to read =]



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Hmm.. I think sometimes I portray myself to be a different person to others. I wish in my heart of hearts I didn't but I then everyone does it don't they? That kind of makes me feel rather paranoid about the people I meet. Are they being themselves? Or are they putting something on for me to see?

I suppose it matters not anyway, as if they wish for me to see who they really are, they'll open up to me.

Life is difficult isn't it? I heard something once ''Life is a bitch, because if it were a slut it'd be too easy'', I agree with this statement, even though it is quite a derogatory one. I believe that life is full of obstacles that only we as people can get past by using our strengths to do so, it's not cowardice to ask for help in these situations, I know I've had to before. I think the older people get, the more afraid they become to ask for any help in life because they feel that others think they are old enough to look after themselves, that if they were to ask for help, they are weak. This is not true, no matter what age we are, if we have a problem that we feel is starting to overwhelm us, it is only right that we ask for help from someone we know and trust. And to be honest, if that person throws it back in your face then they aren't really a friend at all.

Think about it though. The amount of annual suicides has gone up considerably and it's not just teens that are doing it. It's older people too. People that feel they have no way out, people that feel like they can't ask for help, even people that feel like there is no help out there at all anyway so even if they were to ask for some, they would be told 'sorry, there's no help for that sort of problem round here'. I don't understand it. Although lately (over the past ten years), awareness of good helplines and suchlike things (counselling, help and support groups, an improvement in the social services board) has been improved, more and more people seem to be taking their own lives and suffering from depression/anxiety/
PSTD and other mental health problems. The economic climate doesn't help either. The economical depression has become a prime factor for middle-aged people, especially those with families containing more than two children to suffer mentally from excessive stress levels, manic/less severe depression and motivational problems.

On a lighter note, bullying seems to have quietened down quite considerably in the UK. It seems that bullying has become ''Uncool'' in most places. Especially where schools and workplaces are concerned. Teenagers used to think that if they spoke up about bullying in schools they would become the ones who would be bullied, so they didn't. It's always the same with classroom bullying in my opinion. Usually the bully is protected by having the whole class, or the majority of the class afraid of them and so they refuse to speak up about it. Recently it has been made known that to speak up about unacceptable behaviour in schools won't result in trouble for the student that does so and so the amount of students that speak up has increased resulting in the amount of bullying decreasing. Another factor of the decrease in bullying in schools is that is has been made known that bullies are often doing what they are doing because they have problems of their own, whether it be problems at home, in school or problems that they have with themselves.

I'll be back when I can think of more to write. =] x

I'm back guys! With more interesting theories and information to give you all =]

I was in class today and I noticed people swearing and using derogatory language/hand-signs more than I deemed was necessary; and as per usual for me, I sank into my mind thinking about this. Do they even know what the word fuck means? Where it came from? Do they know where shit came from? Where bastard came from? Where the two fingers came from, or what it means? As I thought about this more I realised not many people actually know where it came from. I think everyone should know what it means, as though people shouldn't use things they don't understand. For example: you wouldn't use a 7.62 rifle if you knew nothing about it, or a heavy peice of dangerous machinery that you know nothing about, would you? I'm hoping the answer to that is no. :L I have the advantage of knowing almost everything about the 7.62 rifle, having shot it many times. Either way, getting back to the point. I thought I would post the meanings and origin of these types of things, well, the ones I know anyway.

Fuck: The word 'Fuck' comes from the times of the Black Death in Britian. It is an abbreviation of Fornication Under the Command of the King, basically, when the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) had ravaged through the UK, the King at that time wrote and sent out a command that any man, whether he be married or unmarried, was to go and fornicate with and impregnate as many women as he could in order to increase the vastly dwindling population. (F.U.C.K - (F)ornication. (U)under. the (C)ommand. of the (K)ing)

Shit: Unlike most 'Swear' words 'shit' is actually most likely to be derived from past language. Preliterate Germanic tribes used this term at the time of the Roman empire as Skit- or skheid- which have several cognates* in modern Germanic languages such as the German Schei├če, Dutch schijt, Swedish skit, Icelandic skitur and the Norwegian skitt. The meaning was to defecate (used only to concern bescitan, to cover with excrement) but it eventually morphed with the modernisation of the english language to shitte (excrement on its own). A popular myth of the origin of this word is that it is derived as an acronym for (S).hip(H).igh(I).in(T).ransit (Ship High In Transit). This has been shown to be a myth.

Bastard: This profanity is used to describe the legitmacy of a child. Yes that's obvious but what you may not know is that it came from two languages simultaniously. These were old French and medieval Latin. From the French comes the actual word 'Bastard', which in turn came from the Latin 'Bastardus'. It is most likely that the word 'Bastardus' came from the word 'Bastum' which means 'packsaddle', the connection being the idea that a bastard was the child of a passing traveller (who would have had a packsaddle). The old French 'fils de bast' supports this in the translation and the meaning as it loosely means 'child ofthe saddle', which quite clearly holds a similar meaning.

The Two Fingers Hand sign: This comes from the medieval battle fought between the English and the French. It is derived from the fact that if the French caught the English archers, they would cut off their two arching fingers, which are the index and middle fingers. So by way of annoying the French, the English archers that were still in vision of the French but could not be touched stuck their Index and Middle fingers up at them. This was to show that they still had them and to irritate the French by giving them the knowledge that they had been unable to catch them and stop them from arching again.

I'll be back again soon =]

I'm back again. Ive been doing a lot of thinking lately ( yeah I know, Faye? Thinking?) but anywho, I've been thinking about life in all it's different theoretical contexts. Life... Living, what it's about, why we live, what it means. Is there a certain way one should live their life? Or is it all down to how a person wants to live it? Must we indeed live it until it ends? Or should we be able to leave it whenever we choose to? They are big questions. And no, i didn't find any answers to them, just theories, my own theories of course, I tend to think alone lol. But.. Life in itself is a mystery, of course we are chosen to be made and if not made then at least kept and born. But what about animals? You don't see them saying to another of their species 'hey, you know, we've settles down now and I think it's time we started thinking about having a baby'. It jaut doesnt happen, but then again foe animals it's all down to instinct and a basic must to carry on the species. Maybe I just want to know why I'm here. Why I must stay and lice out my life. Of course I don't have to if I don't want to but I feel as though I must, if not for myself then for the others around me, so they don't feel like they could have done somthing in way of prevention. But If I'm living solely for others I'm not really living at all am I? So many questions... So little answers. Goodnight for now. X


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