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The Log Book Of My Life

Novel By: Aniee
True confessions

The Log Book Of My Life
Feel free to comment, but don't suggest how I should write it, as I'm writing it how it is rememberd. View table of contents...



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I really hated how I always moved school, or country; either one. I hated it, actually no. I despised it. But as usual, I had no say in what happened with my life. It was like everything else, in the fate of my parents hands.

I started going to a new school in the Gold Coast - Australia. A new beginning I guess? No, it wasn't even like that. We moved over here during the middle of the year, which meant, having to join the school halfway through the year. How embarrassing!

Before I went to school I pulled on my shapeless, formal uniform, and checked myself in the mirror before getting into the car and heading off. Today was going to be a bad day, I just knew it. First days, are always bad.

When I entered my first class I had Home Economics. "Hey, Mrs Nicholson, this is the new student; she will be in your class for the rest of the year" The Head of year implied before walking out and leaving me awkwardly standing in the middle of the room.

"Oh, yes! You can sit next to Jarod." She smiled sympathetically as I followed her instructions. Jarod was slightly tall, skinny and had ranger hair; he seemed nice but had nothing going for him in the looks department. I sighed as I slumped onto my seat to process who else was at my table. A girl who looked slightly emo, had long black her and deep eyes, a tall Filipino who kept mentioning how it was his birthday the next day. I made a mental note of this, and lastly a girl who was quite shy and had long brown hair and pale skin.

To start off our class work I was given an Assessment Booklet, where we had to fill out health & safety about cooking and things like labelling equipment, I did fairly well but in the end asked for some assistance.

The next class I had was Science, where we studied a mix of Biology, Chemistry & Physics. I was pretty good at science in my opinion, I always got a B or higher; and to make it even better I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

After the class had ended I headed straight to the library where I grabbed the nearest book and took a seat by myself. "Hey." Jarod said with a smile. I hesitated, but then returned it. I really hope he doesn't get the idea of me being nice to him as something else, that would be horrible I thought as I slowly turned the page, and looked up at him.

"Hello." I finally said, before returning to my book. I suppose I could get him to show me where my next classes where, so I had to play it cool. "What are you reading?" I asked with disinterest as I tried to make polite conversation.

"Just a joke book." He chuckled. I looked over and skimmed the page to find something interesting. "Oh, here." He passed over the book and I read aloud a hilarious joke with a grin on my face. He laughed at it. When the bell went he asked me what I had next and I told him I had drama. "You're in my class." He said with a look of hope, I shrugged this off and walked to him to my next class; I could already hear snickering as I walked past. Great.

When I got there I introduced myself to Mrs Kelly, who seemed to be a very nice lady indeed. She welcomed me with a toothy smile and gave me a pat on the back. "It's nice to meet you." She smiled as she wavered over at a girl sitting down by herself. "That's Cheyenne." She said. "She is new here too, I'm sure you guys will get a long quite nicely." I nodded as I walked over to her and sat down, before quickly introducing myself to her and giving her a quick introduction about me.

The class started off with us sitting in a circle. How odd, and childish I had thought at the time, but I simply ignored it. "Today we are going to be reading from the book 'Spitting Chips'" She said with a throaty chuckle. "And I'd like Y'all to pick out a scene and pair up, to rehearse this. At the end of the day you can show what you managed to make in front of the class. I gulped as she said this. Are you serious?

Anyway, I turned around to Cheyenne and she gave me a quick nod of approval. "Yeah we can be partners" She giggled before jumping up and asking the teacher if we can go rehearse outside; she agreed. When we got outside, I was glad as it was a very hot day and any fresh air was just amazing. We both took our books in hands as we walked over to some stools where we sat down and chose our characters.

After rehearsing we had a fairly good performance that we could show the class at the end of the day, but luckily time had run out as we watched other people do their shows first. We were both glad. "So where do you get picked up?" I asked, trying to make conversation.

"Oh, no I don't get picked up." Cheyenne explained. "Instead I catch a bus." She said, before giving me a hug and turning the other direction to walk to the bus stop which was fairly close. Beforehand me and my mother had agreed that she would pick me up at the front of the school, sadly we were on the opposite side. I sighed as I made my way to the front gates and got in the car that was already waiting for me. I wonder what tomorrow will be like I thought as I made my way home.


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