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The Unforgettable Story Of My Life

Novel By: Aziz
True confessions

Story of a small town girl, Avani with big dreams. But her college life changes her whole life.She is a rebel and can't
see injustice in front of her eyes. Let's see will she fight against the injustice or will she accept it? View table of contents...



Submitted:May 5, 2014    Reads: 752    Comments: 28    Likes: 11   

The Unforgettable Story Of My Life

The story begins with a press conference. Photo clicks were going on. Reporters and media workers were taking photos of a girl who was sitting in front of them on a stage. She was an Indian girl wearing an Indian outfit (Salwar Suit).

She was looking down as if she didn't want to interact with other people present there. Her eyes were wet but so calm as if they had seen a lot but wanted to burry everything inside them. But immediately she brought her head up when her name was called by the host.

"Please welcome, Mrs. Mumtaz, the writer of the book. Please come and tell us something about the book", said the host. She stood up from the chair and walked towards the microphone. She was the girl of normal height, dusky look and slim body. People present there clapped for her. In a very low voice she said," Hello everyone. I am Avani Mumtaz." One of the reporters sitting there asked her, "Ma'am, Is this book "The Unforgettable Story Of My Life" is about your life or just an imagination?"

She said "Yes I was going to tell that." She took a deep breath. She said," In today's world everyone is busy in their own lives so I want to thank you people for coming to listen my story. I will not take your much time ."

"I use to be a very simple and shy girl from a middle class Indian Hindu family. Not very shy but I take time to open with people. My father was a government officer and his income was quite low but our life was going good. I had passed my intermediate exams in Biology with much higher percentage than I had expected. Our neighbours told my father to stop me from studying medical because his income was low and he will not be able to afford my studies. But my father was a determind person. My father told me to study till wherever I wanted and he would do anything to arrange money."


"I started working hard, day and night to get admission in India's highly reputated medical college. And one day God gave me the result of my efforts. I got admission in a college in Delhi. I knew that it was going to be difficult for me but I had to work hard for my parents as I was their only child. I had heard a lot about ragging in medical colleges. So I was praying to God that nothing like that should happen with me", said Avani.

She continued,"The day came and it was my first day to college. I was very scared and nervous. And now I was standing in front of that college which was going to make my life or ruin my life. The college had a big black gate and on top of that building the name of the college was written in capital letters "INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES".

She said , " When I entered inside the gate I saw thousands of students walking here and there. All of them were wearing white coats. I thought those who were not wearing white coats were teachers or something. I felt like I entered into a new world. I felt like I entered into the world of my dreams.I was losing all my fears and was quite happy. But I found all my dreams shattering when I heard the cry of a student who was standing not very far from me. He was surrounded by a bunch of students. First I hesitated but then I decided to look what the matter was. I was really shocked to see that the senior students were doing ragging of a fresher. They all were asking him actually ordering him to dance like a girl on a very messy track. He was little bit a fat boy with spectacles. He was looking scared and tears were strolling down his face. I was unable to tolerate with that situation."

She coughed a little and continued again,"I came out of the crowd to make a complaint against those senior students. I asked from a student who was a girl, the principal's office. She was also a fresher so she didn't knew . Her name was Afreen Ilyas. We both searched for the office and finally we found it. We were near to the office when she asked me,"Why are you going to principle?" I replied ," To make a complaint against the senior students. They are doing ragging of a fresher and I can't see that." She suddenly pulled me back and said ," Are you mad? You are going to make a complaint against seniors. Do you want to live or not?" I was confused why she said that. When I looked back suddenly a bell rang and all the students moved to their respective classes. The crowd near the gate was also gone and that boy was still weeping. "Uuh! I can't bear this injustice", said I . And I also went to attend my class."


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