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Reunited. When Hearts CAN beat again...

Novel By: dclovesfd
True confessions

Elizabeth. A girl who is now stuck at age 18 for the rest of her life. As a vampire. She is living with her family. Her coven, of Cindy. The mother figure. Harrison the father figure. Tracy and Tanner the brother and sister figure. When the family is seperated. Will the journey Elizabeth has to go threw, lead her to some on she has been missing for years?? View table of contents...


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"Hold on Tracy!" I called from the living room. The young and the Restless was on and I did not want to miss the last minute. Oh, who am I? Elizabeth, Elizabeth Fondenburger but Elizabeth is my middle name, mt first name. Midnight. I perfer which ever., I live with my vampire fosterparents and foster silbings..Mrs. and Mr. Fondenburger, Tracy and Jasper. We are vampires of course. None of them are related. But Mrs. and Mr.Fondenburger are married. Tracy and Jasper were found like me. Oh wait you don't know about that, my bad. See, when I was nine, I was almost kidnapped by Jonny the new man upstairs. So I ran away, from home, I spend day after day till I was 18, living under bridges. Sure it was hard, but I was raised good enough. When I was 18 in 1919, I was walking down a alley so I could get home faster, at that point I had a small apartment. Bad idea to be walking down a dark alley at night.

As my luck is, I was found by a vampire named James. He I could tell was younge. I didn't really understand what he was until I saw his eyes. I had seen a vampire before, when I was 6. My mother had said he was the police man. We never saw him after that. My mother said he had to move. I never believed in vampires till then really. I had read about them, but nothing was true. Vampires dont sleep. Or die in the sun. Crosses dont do anything, we have even got one hanging on our wall in the kitchen we dont use. Anyway. I could tell he was younge because he didn't think to cover my mouth. So when I screamed cops heard us. He bit me and ran like hell away. I managed to crawl into a basement. I knew what was happening. So I knew not to scream. It wouldnt help. The pain was like fire taking over every limb, starting at my heart, burning threw every peice of flesh I had to offer. It ended in about 3 days. I knew what I had become. I knew I needed blood. But the thought of killin some inicent person made me want to puke if I could have. I only killed 3 people.

all men. all people I disliked. But after that, I didn't hunt. Untill I was so thirsty, I sucked a deer dry. I leared it helped. So I kept drinking deer blood. But, as a vampires memory is wide most of the time, I missed my mother and brother alot more then I did before. My mother, which I looked alot like, and still do, was the most loving and careing peson ever. My brother, Edward Mason. Funny, and kind, was a gentle man, never left my mothers side almost. I had learned they died of the spanish influenza. So I tried my best not to remember them. Still do, my name before I was turned was, Midnight Elizabeth Mason. When I was found by Harrison and Cindy Fondnburger in 1967. They took me in as one of their daughters where I met, Jasper and Tracy Fondenburger. Jasper is 15 forever. Tracy is 13, but we only found Tracy last year, she almost died from cancer. So she is new, but very smart, her eyes are still very reed, because she was just turned one week ago.But she has already got the nack of feednds from animals. Tracy, does not know alot, since she is only 13. She is the cutest one of all of us, her voice is still little child like, because she was hanged before she hit puberty. She is annoying though. I learned you can live off any animal blood almost. But dog is not good at all. Ive never seen a werewolf, but dogs are the animals next to them..eww. I still miss my mother and brother, but it is not so bad with a family to be around, related or not.... "Come on Midnight!" Tracy yelled. I sighed and turned the TV off. "Fine, you and your stupid mice"I said picking up Rosco from his cage. Stupid tracy....but gotta love her.

alt midnight aka elizabeth....

alt tracy.

alt jasper...

alt cindy

alt harrison...


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