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My mom, my Hero, my Everything

By: Forthelove

Chapter 1, This is about me and the life my family and I have shared. My mother has had cancer for 11 years.

This is about me. Some people will think I'm writing this for pity and others will pity me but that's not what I want. Writing is my outlet. I don't really care what you think about story, if you like it that's great but if you don't that's totally fine too. To me it's much more than a story, this is my life. My life changed when my little brother was born. It changed again six months later. At the time he was born I was three and four months. Six months later I was almost four. My main concern was eating and sleeping. I already loved my parents, I can remember that much. Most everything else is a blur. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35. It's a miracle she was ever even diagnosed. At that time women under the age of 50 were not allowed by their insurance companies to get mammograms. A mammogram is basically an X-ray of the breast to check for lumps and other abnormalities. My mom fought so hard to get her mammogram and it was a miracle and Gods grace that allowed her to have one. When the insurance company finally consented (after many threats of court and much praying) my mom was given the mammogram. A few weeks later the results came in and it was confirmed that she had breast cancer. They told her they had caught it early and that she would be fine. I just knew my mommy was sick. Even though I was young I have always been intelligent and my parents told me enough for me to understand what was happening. They promised me my mom would not die.

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