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Some may say that the simple things in life are what really matter, that money and fame have no real meaning or consequence. Is this just plain naivety? Who's to say that fulfillment isn't in how much money you earn or how big a house you have?

The first time Sophia ever felt truly complete was when she was drawing or drinking. This is not to say she had an alcohol problem, she just simply loved the feeling of being drunk. It felt fun and exciting and she craved adventure, to be free of all that held her back. It felt like a whirlwind of color with people zooming past at high speed with all the sights in the world floating around her just ready to be captured.

The first time Sophia ever sold her body was when she was 20 years old. Usually she drank until it just felt normal, like it was ok. She'd meet some sleazy guy willing to pay her for her services. He'd undress her with his eyes and she knew at that point that she was basically his property. Hey, he was paying her. Underneath her skin crawled and she felt dirty and ashamed, but the simple fact was, she needed the money.

Sophia knew her friends would help her if she asked, but she was too proud for that. She had played the victim too much and she didn't want to ask purely out of self- preservation. She almost enjoyed having a seedy double-life because it made it easier for her to cover what was really underneath. The boys, whom she loved so dear would never look at her the same way again, and her best friend would never forgive her.

Her kindness, however, knew no bounds and her heart which was so full of love it could burst at any moment reached out to everyone.

Life is measured in moments, whether they are good or bad, is up to you. Five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes in one year means a lot of moments. Some may be life defining, some may not. Sophia's story is made up of mostly bad moments which changed the course of her life, however that does not mean that this story does not have a happy ending. It simply means life is never sugar sweet, and it won't wait for anyone trying to catch up.

Chapter 1;

As Sophia searched through the blackness for some sense of clarity, she had realised what had become of her life. The acrid smell of rotting rubbish wafting through the air, she reflected on what her life had become and how she had got here.

How did it all go wrong? Let's go back to the beginning...

Sophia's childhood wasn't the most safe and secure, with a drug addled father, no wonder she got here, caught up in the deceitful, satirical world that under a kaleidoscope would have a multi-coloured hue but on closer inspection was dark and monotone. She had promised herself not to get sucked into this one-dimensional world.

On the surface Sophia appeared to be a typical party girl, only out for the good times and flaking when things got tough. Her best- friend Amelia was the polar opposite, sweet and innocent, a parents dream. They had been friends since playschool and suffered all the hard times together, including Sophia's parents subsequent divorce at age 15.

Somehow through the tumultuous years of school they both managed to make it to a new city for college, a fresh start.

With college came a new set of pressures, already used to a world of regular alcohol abuse, Sophia fitted right into her new lifestyle. Every night of the week was a valid reason for going out. but with heavy nights drinking and binging on takeaways, many succumbed to the fresher 15's. Not Sophia though, she didn't want to become a fat cow like the rest of them. How else could she maintain her status as the go to good time girl? Confidence is a fickle thing, one wrong word and it can be shattered like a pane of glass. Sophia vowed to be different, or at least that was her surface reasoning. She couldn't end up as a nobody. It was her crutch, it gave her a sense of comfort and warmth, with an overwhelming release. Something she had leaned on for many years.

Time passes without you even realising it, like the steady tick of a clock it creeps up on you before you can catch up. How many moments of our lives do we sleep through without a second glance to moments forgotten, experiences lost, emotions drained into a steady stream of nothingness. Time waits for no man, no matter how important.


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