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Dear diary (actual diary)

By: LoveIsEmoX

Chapter 1, I have created this as an actual online diary not an actual novel but please feel free to read.


A little about myself; my name is Shakirra-ellen I was born on the 12/3/1995 in Australia, I have lived in Australia my whole life. I have 6 sisters and two bothers all of which are only half brother/sister


Whats happening in my life?
4/3/13 my step dad went missing and was found dead on our farm hours later.
6/3/13 getting told that we are getting kicked off the farm and have 6-8 months to leave.
12/3/13 my eighteenth birthday
13/3/13 my stepdads funeral
19/3/13 my stepdad’s 50th birthday
19/3/13 left my boyfriend


Today (20/3/13); like every other day I get up and have to do chores:
- Put chorine in the swimming pool
- feed the dogs
- feed the alpacas and the baby calf

 I guess my life wasn’t exactly hard  but when my ex decided to start and argument with me it made the day last allot longer than expected. Today was one of those days where I was not in the mood for anything or anyone, I lay down in my mums bed watching my favourite television show when my older sister came in yelling for me to move because she wanted to lay there and watch television ‘NO! I was here first ’ I objected but it only made her worse she scratched me and punched me, eventually I just gave up and left. I lay in my bed crying wishing I really did have the guts to stand up to those people who made me feel small and worthless but I only get hurt.

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