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April and Jean, Haden, and Alaine. These four kids will eventually meet beneath a bridge and befriend eachother. But what will come for them will have them running. They can never stop or THEY will get them. Sadness, Horror, Romance, Happiness, Joy, are all the things that describe what this novella will be about. But be warned, not all can survive THEM. View table of contents...



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Prologue ____ April's POV
"Why don't you care for us? For once, can you please stay home?" I cried to my parents.
They had gotten laid off three months ago, and now decided to give up and start drinking.
This had been the first time I pleaded with them while they were still sober. My once caring mother that always had a warm and comforting glint in her eye, turned to me, her face emotionless but her eyes burned with guilt.
"Mom…" I whispered, but loud enough for her to hear.
My screaming two year old sister that was upstairs, started to lose her voice from screaming that long and that loud, no doubt I'd be the one taking care of her.
My father on the other hand, had always been rough and gentle all at the same time.
When we got in trouble he scolded us by whipping me and my sister with a belt. His gentler side didn't come out often, only when something happened in the family that really got to him.
There had been originally three kids, me being the oldest at 15, my sister, Jean, only two, and my 13 year old brother, Kale.
Kale ran away when my parents first started drinking. He had come home and saw no one else was home. My parents were likely at the bar, and I was out grocery shopping.
I had come home to a note, it had been crumpled up for the fact that my parents arrived before I did.
Sorry, was all it said.
I cried for hours that day, yelling and screaming at my passed out parents for driving him away.
"I'm sorry," was all my mother and father said before they closed the front door in my face.
Those words brought tears to my eyes.
Now it was my turn to head out of this hell hole, with my baby sister.
The front door slammed shut, no telling who it was.
I knew it was my evil step mother, she went completely nuts when my father left her for yet another woman, just like he did to my biological mother, but this time he left me with the bitch.
She had gone completely wacko and I didn't want to have anything to do with her, she never loved me, even when she was still with my father.
"Alaine!! Get your butt down here!" Her cry of fury filled our small house.
I decided I was going to play innocent, even though I didn't even know what she was yelling at me for.
I opened my bedroom door and skipped down the hallway, worry free.
Her red face almost matched her hair. The glare in her eyes the same as a dog with rabies.
"Yes Linda?" I said with a blank expression on my face.
Her nostrils flared, "What are you still doing here? It's a school day."
My mouth dropped, "You got to be f***in kidding me! It's Saturday!"
I hadn't realized that I had screamed till the back of Linda's hand came across my face.
"You have no right to talk to me that way, and do you think I'm that stupid little girl!" Her rage decreased a little bit after slapping me.
"You have no right to hit me!" I got closer to her and screamed in her face.
"You bet your ass I can." She smiled gingerly.
What felt like a tear started to make its way to my chin? I lifted my hand and pulled it away suddenly for it was warm that I touched.
I brought my hand back up to look at it; there was blood where I had touched.
Now I was angry.
But soon enough, my fist that was bloody connected with my step-mom's awful face.
Haden's POV
My family, gone, all gone.
I stood before a scene that no 15 yr old should see.
My father, body crippled lay stabbed to death on the couch, my mom on the floor, also stabbed to death. Little Emilie was on the floor next to her dolls she must've been playing with, the cause of her death, blood force trauma to the head. They even killed my English Mastiff, Shansi!
Tears poured down my face I ran as fast as I could to the phone.
"911, what is your emergency?" The 911 operator answered calmly.
My sobs were uncontrollable, "M…my…fam…family!"
The operator's voice came again, "What happened sir?"
"My family's all dead! I'm at 4452 Mullen view Avenue." With that I dropped the phone and broke down in tears, my legs giving way.
I had sat there for what seemed like forever crying my eyes out, when the sirens came.
Five police officers filed into my small living room, their faces calm till they saw the scene.
They didn't do anything so a screamed at the top of my lungs, "Don't stand there, help them!"
Four of the officers approached my fallen family, their faces going back to emotionless, there was nothing they can do. My whole family was gone.
The one officer knelt beside me, "I'm very sorry for you loss, I really am, but we need you to answer a few questions."
I sighed and took another unnecessary breath to calm me down, putting my body on autopilot, so I couldn't feel the pain any longer.
These are the stories of future generation.
They have put up with a lot of stuff to get where they are now.
April and Jean, will leave their parent's home and set off for the road, hoping to find their long lost brother. Haden, he has lost everything. He will end up doing a stupid mistake in the end, but it will all come around and reward him greatly.
Alaine will also set off on her own, but not before she commits something that will have her running from some people that are very awful.
What will become of these four kids?


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