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The Man with Half a Heart

Novel By: River859
True confessions

Aaliyah Wilson grew up in a shied life.
Her Mother died at her birth and the only thing Aaliyah remembers is old things her Mom used to keep, like dolls and pictures and valueables.
Being without a Mom Aaliyah depends on her father, who barely notices her and instead mourns over his wife.
Aaliyah has to find a way to get her Dad out of his cacoon, and start being the father she needed for years. View table of contents...



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My name is Aaliyah Cornet Williams. I am 13 years old and live with my Dad in a 2 bedroom ranch house in Chicago, having just moved.

I've never lived in Chicago but I hear it gets awfully cold in the winter season. Where I used to live, in Florida, it never snowed much and my Dad always used to keep me in at times and I only got to see snow from my window.

My Dad is not fit to actually be a Dad. My Mom died at my birth and I know that he wishes her here. So do I.

But I've learned to be strong, independant, focused, and determined. Something that's NOT in my Dad right now.

I imagine him being a brighter and happier person before than he is.

But at times it's hard to believe it. I really wish my Dad could learn that things come and go. I learned that at the age 6 when my Beagle died and Dad didn't even bother to bury him. So I did it myself and hoped one day he'd come back. Of course, that day never came. How could it? This is the story of how I taught my Dad how to be the guardian that every child needs.

'Last package.'

The moving man laid down a heavy box that held my bookshelf and stretched his arms, legs, and back. It had been almost a whole day from heading to Chicago (seventeen hours, having Dad drive) and five more hours unpacking all our baggage. Dad paid the moving men and they took off and it was just me and Dad.

Dad turned around and gave me a little smile, "Why don't you check out your room and get comfortable. All your stuff is up there.'

'Yeah, sure,' I had been bored just watching all the moving and couldn't wait to check up on my room and dashed upstairs.

I followed down the hallway and stopped at a door that had my name in glitter and block letters. I grinned and pushed open the door. White walls, spacy area, soft carpet, and- I squealed.

I ran to my closet, which was one of those closets that has a mirror on the outside. I've ALWAYS wanted these! I look at my reflection. From head to toe, my neck long brown curly hair looks lighter in the sunlight, my oval face and lean cheeks with glossed lips and my smooth chin and deep brown eyes and small nose. I'm lean and tall, wearing a black shirt with a paint splash butterfly in the middle with some grey studded skinny jeans and white wedges. I push open the closet and it's workable, enough to store all my clothes and shoes, plus accessories. I turn around and continue to check out my room. It's just like any other. Windows, a ceiling, chandelier, and all. Once I put in all my things this will be way better.

My boxes are in the center of the room and my bed is already put together near the window that outlooks the woods. I lay on my bed and curl up my legs under my chin. I think I might like it here.

It's around 4 PM and I have unpacked almost every single thing and I feel like swimming in a nice cold pool, since it's summer. My bookshelf is facing my bed across and all my stuff is in the closet and all the rest are still in a few boxes I'll get later. Instead I pull out my tablet and listen to some music. Listening to Beyonce, Listen, I make my way to the window and opened it up, letting in a hot warm breeze. There's no screen.

I look behind my shoulder and climb out the window, my wedges touching the soft grass.

When I was little I was always outside and wanting to explore in a natural surrounding. It always made me feel safe and happier, like the whole world and God was by my side. Dad said it was too dangerous. But I'm older now, right? And plus, there was nothing veminous lurking around. I glanced behind my shoulder and ran towards the woods and held my tablet so I wouldn't drop it. I stopped when there was nothing but trees around me and the house was faint to see. I take off my headphones and let them hang around my neck. I just stood there, listening carefully.

Birds singing, squirrels scurrying around, leaves rustling on twigs, and trees making that beautiful noise when the wind blows through them. Yeah, I thought. I'm home.


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