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A Raven In The Snow

By: AemmaBella

Page 1, Why I write and what it has done for me.

There were dark times in this mind of mine,
Slowly separating me from the worlds kind.
My loves diminished,
My body swelled,
My countenance deceived,
The unknowing aggrieved,
The bright colors of life all died in one scene.
I blame the souls that abandoned my light,
Dimming my bulb as the numbers decreased,
So very slowly did I change,
The bearer of me misunderstood the pangs
Sending me treats, and ignoring my pains.

I found a love twofold in size.
It didn't judge me, nor betray me, but defined.
I touched you there, feeling the smooth face,
Counting your thin layers, reading your sheets.
I thought;
'This is my passion, this is my truth.
I'll love you always, no disputes.'
The graphite tool and pale sheets
Saved my mind that became so weak.
No being will ever take me this way
Stretch my mind with love so gay,
Never lie and lead me astray.

Create the picture you wish to show
Relieve my mind before I blow.
Use my hand,
I'll take the chance,
I trust you with my mind and limb
Sing to me your silent hymn
Sedate me with your loving trance,
Trace your world upon this pale land.

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