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Save Me From this Darkness

By: AemmaBella

Page 1, There is only one darkness. The light may help but it may not save you.

Shed your holy light upon me,
Save my soul from the monster that be.
'Flee DEMON flee!'

Release that cold darkness from thee,
So that I shall be blessed before I enter your gates.
Save this darkened soul of mine so that I may not
be the devil's bait.

Shed your love into my spirit,
So that I may love him dearly,
Love him more without my contrite logic.

Can you save my darkened heart, soulfully
Vanquish the monster I've allowed to entice me.
'Begone! Begone from this tree,
greedy little DEMON flea!'

Save me from this monstrous darkness!
Save me from the one who truly hurts thee!
Save me from myself...

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