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What It Means To Fight

Poetry By: Anonymousdreamer
True confessions

This really tells more about what i believe for then anything as a christian, so if you don't know me in some areas. you'll know me in this one.

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What It Means To Fight

Have you ever fought for something or someone? Define "Fight". Does it mean getting the most head shots in a first-person shooter game? Does it mean physically hurting someone? No. The word "Fight" does not mean "Kill" or "hurt".

Fighting is taking a stand for what you believe in, and for what is RIGHT. A long time ago a rule was made that women couldn't fight. In our current culture people would flip out and say "it's a woman's right to fight." But, It's not. When women fight in wars, they end up fighting against their own protectors - men. When God made men, he did not make them so they could hurt the very people they were assigned to protect. Some women would say they have to fight against their husbands, and sadly that's true. Ever since man sinned, every single person on earth has been twisted and bent out of shape. Women were not made to fight men, nor were men made to fight women. Men were made to protect women from whatever harm might come to them.

Sadly it is men that hurt women the most. Men were created for so much more then protection though. With protection comes love. Why else would you protect someone? Because you hate them? If you think that's the case, then get your head checked. You protect someone because you LOVE them and refuse to let harm come to them. When war breaks out, it's always the result of a single MAN. Not a woman, a MAN. When the fighting starts, it has traditionally been man against man, but now it's Man Vs. Woman. MEN, you were made to protect women, whether it's your wife, daughter, mother, aunt, stepsister, girlfriend, friend or grandmother. You've been giving a DUTY, and that duty is Love and Protection.

When there's a fight in a marriage, the woman will often leave the house. Why, because she's afraid that the MAN might hurt her. NEWSFLASH MEN: Women are supposed to feel SAFE, SECURE and LOVED when they around you. Especially wives! Husbands have NO excuse for hurting their wives. Whether they are right or wrong is not the point. Now I'm not a husband - I'm fourteen. But I am a young man, and from living on this earth and seeing articles about wives getting beaten by their husbands, I know what is right to do. I make it a goal to protect my sisters and mother. And, I will never lay a hand of harm on them, whether they are right or wrong. I want my friends that are girls to feel 100% Safe, Secure and Loved when they are around me. Females in the world today need protection from their very own protectors. That is horrible! Young men, listen up! We can be the generation that can change all of that. It starts with protecting our mothers and sisters. Next our female friends, then later on our girlfriends. Then, our ultimate duty - to protect our wives. Not just because it's our duty, but because we love them and refuse to allow harm to come to them. Sometimes you might feel scared to protect your lady friend from a bully or just mean people. Don't be afraid; put their needs before your own. If one of my lady friends needed protection from something or someone, I would gladly fight to my last breath to keep them safe. I admit it would be scary, but it's the RIGHT thing to do. I love my friends, boy or girl. I love them all, and I would fight for them if need be. But toward the ladies, I'd give my life to keep them safe. It is scary to even write this, but I care for them, and it's my duty to protect them and to protect women in general. So men, what does it mean to fight? I think you should know by now.



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