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My Goodbye To The Monster

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, I\'ve got control, the monster in my mind doesn\'t rule me anymore. It\'s my friend now, it\'s my tool

No more dark thoughts plague my mind
Raze my mind and in the smoke you’ll find
Darkness burning, depression fading
All the sorrow, the pain, the hating
I think I’m finally done
With that one
Phase in my life
Beyond the strife
But brooding still
Against my will
Enjoying the façade
Of being that guy I’m not
But though the shadow’s gone
The spirit lives on
It consumes me
Yet behooves me
Your innate persistence
Irritating persistence
Death to the old days
Farewell to my cold ways
Though I still feel it here
No longer will I live in fear
It will always live with me
But no longer will I be
A monster

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