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Tears of a Clown

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, \"i just hide behind the tears of a clown\" words spoken by my idol Marshall Mathers, his metaphor just hit me because i do the same thing, i hide

Tears of a clown etched to hide my pain

That’s what I’d say, but now it’s just a game

For my personal gain

The paint is bleedin

As my tears are seepin

Through it

Who knew it

Would hurt this way

This pain, this ache

Is more than I can take

But the mask now, I feel

Has become something real

I laugh it off and push away

I really can’t give a fuck about tomorrow, today

Because hey I tried, I attempted

But they, they lied, no redemption

So I dip my palms

Recite the psalms

Call a prayer, a muse

As I’m left bemused

My hands feel the paint, stroke my face

I put on a show and if that’s the case

Why not just make it me?

That way you’ll never see the truth

Cuz I’m tucked away, safe with in my sleuth

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