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Violent Thoughts

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, Another spell of writers block thwarted with anger

Tell me... 

What is it you do with your violent thoughts?

Musings that hurt, musing that haunt

Depression though a pen

But aggression to no end

Sadness slows its pace

And anger takes its place

Tears aren’t for the weak, but one day you’ll exhaust

But the water will become fire, then ice, time to defrost

Yeah cool down and take a minute

Evaluate things and set your limits…

I’m sorry but I can’t keep writing this BULLSHIT

Ain’t no limits to anger whoever says so is full of it

I’m angry cuz they hate me, and I say I don’t care

I’m angry cuz they say racism’s gone but trust me, it’s there

I’m furious at the ignorant and the jaded

The only one’s I respect are those who’ve been hated

You’ve got enemies because you’ve stood up for something in your life

So stand the fuck up! When you’re done with your strife

I’m not cryin anymore I’m handin out tissues

Turn pain into anger and strength, that’s the issue

Strike the lightning and silence the thunder

Flip the script, make it rain upward

For every tear you’ve had to taste

Put a drop of blood in its place

Don’t fear your anger, it’s yours to control

Payback’s a bitch, and it’s time they pay that toll

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