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Some To Talk To

By: BloodiedBlossom

Page 1, I wrote this for my friend for her birthday :)

Its hard to find somone
friend and stranger alike
who you can really talk to

that makes you feel
your not the only one
who's walked in your shoes
for at least a day or two

Sure, there is family
and the others
but they will go along
with what pleases you
to make you feel like you belong

Its hard to find someone
friend and stranger alike
Who listens to you closely

With an interest in your thought
and a similar mind
who will believe your word blindly
who is polite, eloquent and kind

I look upon this world, eyes open
yet, its hard to find one such person
and the more I look, the less I see
somone who agrees and opposes me

Being like that, truly is a virtue
yet its hard to find such somone, its true
but You for me are one of those people
that I can really talk to


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