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The world i knew

By: Calzzy

Page 1, The world i knew is a true confession of calzzy abt how his life was b4 letting other things in..his aim is 2 speak 2 odas...abt all frailties

I stood as i watched the sea and the waves that crackled over like thats all they'd ever be life had been going pretty well until 1 day wen i tot i knew it all i tot i knew da right things wen along all i knew was earthly sins shadowed nd obstructed by teenage ills Dont laugh when they tel u abt it rather gaze on nd let dem figure out that u are above the influence let ur constraints be all that guide you and ur morals be somewere in dere even as you do al the things they ask u 2 so ud neva hv 2 say.."the world i knew"

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