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Changes Are Hard But Pain Is Harder

By: Colby

Page 1, This poem is about someone who changed me and than she told me to be the same after we broke up.

This time you lied to me,

You made me believe the lies you told me,

You never regretted it,

Don't lie to me like you use to,

Tell me the truth for once,

Not the half-truth,

The full truth,

When did you turn into this monstrosity,

What the hell happened to you,

We use to be close,

We use to be blood,

We use to do everything together,

But since you can't look past me,

You think once I turn my back I'll forget,

I don't forget that easy,

Since I was the one who raised you,

I didn't teach you about pain,

You forced it on yourself,

I didn't want you in pain,

But you slipped into it,

When I least saw you,

So grab my hand please,

Because I want you to be alive in my arms,

Just like we were 2 years ago,

Since you had it all,

But I didn't,

I wanna see you the way we did before,

The girl I loved without any pain,

The perfect one in my eyes,

The lover,

No longer the fighter,

And I know you wanna see me different,

No longer the charasmatic risk-taker,

The simple man,

That writes you poems

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