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Drop The Girl Today

By: Colby

Page 1, It\'s not that I hate girls, but this is a guy\'s interpretation to being cheated on (yes I\'m a guy and I ain\'t gay)

Drop the girl,

She's not worth it,

She'll only hurt you,

The ringing in my head,

Do you remeber who I am,

Hello, Hello,

You recieved my texts,

Wait a minute,

There's another,

I swear that guy has got you around his finger,

Drop the girl,

I can't trust you anymore,

You have lied over and over,

Drop the girl,

It doesn't seem like we can live together anymore,

Drop her,

Drop her tonight,

Drop her now,

Drop the girl,

Drop the life off,

Drop the love away,

Throw away the pain,

Drop the girl,

You need to find someone new,

Someone to be lewd with,

Drop the girl,


Drop the girl,


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