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Everything's Too Fake

By: Colby

Page 1, This is my interpretation of how fate can be so cruel to everyone when we all want something happy.


over and over,


that we cover in tears,

don't stop,

forget the times,



but you built this place,

you raised me on this life,

now I've got the honor to restore it,

but I can't restore it,

since everything's too fake,

too fake,

I may be a lost cause but you know I'll be found eventually,

you can't hide me,


like you did for so many years,

too fake,

too fake,

you just play your piano,

acting like I didn't do anything,

when I was fighting for my life,

I don't belong anywhere with you,

since all you do is take me away,

you burn me down,

you take me down,

you make me feel torn,

like the thorns that you stabbed me with,

but i can't be special anymore,

i hope you understand.

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