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Give Me Three Words

By: Colby

Page 1, This is a new poem about wanting to be heard when no one else cares to listen





I don't give a fuck anymore,

I can hear you,

You decieving me,

Say anything to lie to me,

You caused this controversy,

And as I grow up I must tell you,

That this was a fun trip,

Speak the truth or so help me,

I can never lie to you,



What was that,

Oh wait your trapped?

Too bad,

You've decieved me way to much,

Say what you wanna say before these blades hit you,

I won't stop it until I hear what I wanna hear,

"I'm sorry" won't count anymore,

"I won't do it again" won't count anymore,

"I need you" won't count,

So you used up the three strikes,

I guess you didn't know the words were so simple,

"I love you" were the words I needed to hear,

So I should just leave this all behind,

But once a whore never more,

I'm not apologizing that you'll never change,

So let the blades hit you,

I'll walk off,

Being accused of this murder,

But I'm innocent until you say those three words,

So goodbye forever,

I'm done with this crime,

Done with the crime of falling in love over and over again,

Sweet dreams,

Along with me,

In hell

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