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This Is My Life!

By: Colby

Page 1, I\'m not sure who gave me this idea so I give all the credit to everyone who has supported my poetry.

Explain this,

I'm told I'm the lies,

I'm the hangover you have to deal with,

The pain,

The suffering,

The mysteries,

The enigma,

The reason for the teardrops,

The blood spattter,

I wish I knew how to explain it,

I feel like I'm in a body,

That doesn't fit me,

I feel like I belong somewhere,

But I can't find my fit,

I think I'm gonna be stuck in this body for the rest of my life,

I'm the poet,

Not the athlete,

I'm the one that you turn to,

Not the one to turn you down no matter what happens,

I'll always wanna be there to help,

No matter what.

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