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Valentines Day Poem by Sky

By: Colby

Page 1, This is one for valentine\'s day

Most common poem on this day goes,
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm glad I have someone like you,
But now this is my version to Valentines Day Poetry,
Roses are beautiful,
Violets are sweet,
Just like how you are,
The way you care for me,
As if I'm the only guy you know,
As if I'm an angel,
Even with me being deceitful,
You know I won't ever hurt you again,
I never meant to hurt you,
You know I didn't mean to,
You know I'm apologetic for me being stupid,
I never want to say good-bye,
So I'll buy you a bouquet of roses to keep you near,
I'll buy you anything that you ask me to get,
I won't stop till I keep you near,
But I don't deserve the love you have given me,
Since I'm a deceiver,
I'm a fraud,
But you keep me as a truth,
And no longer a liar,
I hope you know I care,
And before I leave I must tell you,
That I love you

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