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What The Hell Did I Do

By: Colby

Page 1, This poem is when I get frustrated and I can\'t control my inner-most feelings unless I write




All these words are battle cries,

Their just dying to get in me,

Their just trying to kill the parts of me that don't exist,

I'm not that one person who can fix you,

I'm gonna destroy everything that means the most to me,

I don't care if you like me for who I am,

You got me to thinking about ruining myself,

Nothing is ever gonna be the same if you tell me you like me,

I'm not gonna try to stop,

I'm just gonna let this flame keep building up,

I don't know how to explain this,

But you know it's true,

The words,

The false sense of love,

The pain you put me through,

Everything you said to me was a lie I'm guessing,

Just tell me how you are,

I don't care how I feel bout this,

You know that it doesn't phase by the innocence that protects me,

You called me a killer,

Because I lost my temper one time,

But I have to live with the thought of you calling me a killer,

I can't control my inner-pain,

And now I'm gonna light myself up on fire,

Just like every other day

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