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Life is game we all play

By: Haineko14

Page 1, I wrote most of this while watching my class do sports! The rest I wrote on the bus and well fixed a bit at home. In this poem I\'m basically making life feel a bit like a game, such as dodge-ball. Note: Please no harsh comments :)


Is a rush


Just goes over your head

Without you even knowing it


It never waits for you to catch up

As it just speeds on ahead

To that place your going to next.


I'm the one.

That stands on the side lines 

Of this game

We call life


As I stand there,

In fear of the unknown and what's to come.

I chose to

Listen to the rules of this


As I pray that today 

Will be different 

Than yesterday,

Cause, I'll just watch what I'm doing 

From now on.

This is what I say to myself ,

So then I can dodge every soft ball 

That dares come my way

Although I know 

I can't do this all alone.

A team ,

Is what someone needs.


Are the key.


When you jump and fall,

Stubbling down on the cold hard ground.

I know my friends are always around

Just when I need them,

So in some ways I know 

I can take it


Give it another





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